We didn't start the fire Song by: Billy Joel Project by: Alexis Middleton

  • Period: to

    We didn't start the fire

  • Harry Truman: Important Person

    33rd president of the United States.
  • Red China: Economic/Political Event

    Communists took over the mainland ; China.
  • South Pacific: Culture

    Old popular Broadway musical.
  • Walter Winchell: Culture

    He was America's first modern gossip columnist. He was popularlyknown for his aggressive style and his massive use of slang.
  • Joe McCarthy: Important Person

    Republican Senator in the 1950's,
  • Richard Nixon; Important Person

    A member of the US senate and he was later elected as president.
  • Television: Culture.

    At the time, also known as "the boob tube" was produced and became popular through-out the world.
  • South Korea: Economic/Political Event:

    The United States supported South Korea. Was this the start of the 'Cold War?'
  • North Korea: Economic/Political Event.

    The Democratic People's republicwas occupied by the USSR.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Culture.

    Her real name was Norma Jean Baker; she was an actress and pin-up girl. She later died of a drug overdose in 1956.
  • Rosenbergs: Important People

    Ethel-Greenglass Rosenberg and Julius Rosenberg were listed communists who were giving secrets to the USSR. They were then executed.
  • H-Bomb: Major Event

    Powerful weapon that was first tested in 1951.
  • The King and I: Culture:

    This was a popular musical; also a bok by Oscar Hammerstein.
  • Panmunjom: Major Event

    This is a city in South Korea where the cease fire negotitions tok place and the truce was signed to finally put an end to the Korean War.
  • Eisenhower: Important Person

    David Dwight Eisenhower; Also known as "Ike" was a military leader and the 34th president of the United States.
  • Vaccine: Major Event

    Jonas Stalk provides lasting vaccinations for the body for three types of polio viruses.
  • Josef Stalin: Important Person

    He was a dictator of Russia from the late 20's until the early 50's, when he died.
  • Communist Bloc: Major Event

    Time during the Cold War. Referring to countries that comprised the "enemy."
  • Malenkov: Important Person

    Georgi Malenkov was a close associate of Stalin. He was also a prime minister in Russia after Josef Stalin died,
  • Juan Peron: Important Person

    Dictator in Argentina.
  • Rock Around the Clock: Cuture.

    Bill Haley and the Comets produced #1 hit. This was now considered the beginning of Rock n' Roll.
  • James Dean: Culture.

    Teen heartthrob in the 50's.
  • Davy Crockett: Culture.

    Frontiersman under president Andrew Jackson.
  • Peter Pan: Culture:

    Animated movie hit theatres.
  • Disneyland: Culture

    Amusment Park founded by Walt Disney.
  • Einstein: Important Person

    Albert Einstein was a genius who won the Nobel Prize.
  • Budapest: Economic/Political Event

    Moved towards democacy in Hungary but it was quickly stopped by armored tanks.
  • Krushchev: Important Person

    He was the premier of Russia and he had the Berlin Wall built during the Cold War.
  • Trouble in the Suez: Major Event

    Egypt nationalized the canal and refused passage to get to Isreal. War then begins in Isreal.
  • Little Rock: Major Event

    Troops were sent to Central High School to enforce racial integration.
  • Lebanon: Economic/Political Event

    Troops were being sent to Lebanon where 241 marines died.
  • Strakweather Homicide: Major Event

    Charlie Starkweather and his girlfriend; Caril Fugate, went on an eleven (maybe 15) people killing spree.
  • Buddy Holly: Culture

    He was a singer/songwriter; group name: Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
  • Ben Hur: Culture

    Nominated for 12 academy awards, he won 11 of them.
  • Castro: Important Person

    Fidel Castro is the communist leader of Cuba.
  • U-2: Major Event

    A spy plane was shot down.
  • Syngman Rhee: Economic/Political Event

    The president of South Korea was forced to be removed from office.
  • Berlin: Major Event

    The wall came up to divide West Democratic Germany from East Communist Germany.
  • Bay of Pigs Invaision: Major Event

    Unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the communist government of Cuba.
  • British Politician Sex: Economic/Political Event

    British Minister; Stephen Ward, had an affair with Christine Keeler and killed himself of shame.
  • JFK blown away: Economic/Political Event

    John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
  • Watergate: Economic/Political Event

    Scandal caused by Nixon Aides.
  • Reagan: Important Person

    46th president of the United States introduced "Reaganomics" in his attempt to spur the economy.
  • Russians in Afghanistan: Economic/Political Event

    Government troops hold the major cities, but the rebels controlled the country-side.
  • Sally Ride: Major Event

    She was the first American women to ever travel to space.
  • China's under Martial Law: Economic/Political Event

    Democratic movement in China was stopped by the use f military force.
  • Heavy Metal Suicide: Major Event

    In the 1980's there was a flowing rumor that heavy metal music caused kids to commit suicide.
  • Homeless Vets: Economic/Political Event

    Due to the economy that wasn't doing so good, many people were losing jobs and homes by the thousands, including veterans.