Important Battles in the Revolutionary War

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  • Lexington and Concord

    This battle started the war.
  • Bunker Hill

    The British defeated the Americans in this Battle.
  • Quebec

    The Americans tried to take over the city of Quebec which was occupied by the British and they failed.
  • Charleston

    Some people label this Battle as the American's first big victory against the British.
  • Trenton and Princeton

    The American's won these two crucial battles and gained much territory over these victories.
  • The Two Battles of Saratoga

    These two battles were fought eighteen days apart; the first battle was won by the British and the Americans won the second battle.
  • Rhode Island

    This battle was to see if the French would be a good asset to America's war effort, which was called The Treaty of Alliance.
  • Kings Mountain

    This battle was fought between American loyalists from South Carolina and Frontiersmen from Virginia. The Frontiersmen from Virginia defeated the American Loyalists.
  • Yorktown

    With the combined forces of the Americans and the French, led the final attack against the British.
  • Cowpens

    The American's caused a heavy amount of casualties against the British, which became a huge turning point for the Southern Campaign.
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    Revolutionary War- Seven year span