Importance of some inventions and discoveries :D

  • Discovering of microorganisms

    Discovering of microorganisms
    If Antonie van Leeuwenhoek has not discovered peotozoos and other microorganisms using a microscope builded by himself , society would not advanced as much as it does .
  • William Harvey discovery

    William Harvey discovery
    If the english physician William Harveys had not discoverde the way,cycle and direction of blood fluctuation in the body , the blood transfusion would not have been posible.
  • Theory on Germs

    Theory on Germs
    If in Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis had not experimented on childbed fever many pregnant women would be death and we have not idea of the importance of cleaning in germs control.
  • Discovery of plastics

    Discovery of plastics
    If John Hyatt and Leo Hendrik Baekeland have not discovery the way that strands of cellulose where on plants and created the first plastics and polymers we would not be able of use a lot of materials needed in daily use and quite important.
  • Radioactive materials

    Radioactive materials
    If Ernest Rutherford and Marie and Pierre Curie have not investigate about some radiactive elements , today we would not being using thouse radioactive materials in cancer treatment.
  • Blood Trasfusion

    Blood Trasfusion
    If the austrian physician and biologist Karl Landsteiner, hadn't found the difference betwen blood groups many people have died in the past and it probably would be happening in the present.
    This discover have saved thousands of lifes and it keep doing it every day now in the present.
  • Insuline

    If the canadian cientifics frederick banting had not discovered that insuline was the cure for diabetis many people would die and the 30 million people that use insuline now in the present would being suffering a lot
  • Sulfa Drugs

    Sulfa Drugs
    If scientifics have'nt discoverd sulfa drugs we would have problems in the prevention and cure of the bacterial infectiosns so it was a huge medical countribution.
  • Earth's Atmospheric Layers

    Earth's Atmospheric Layers
    If the meteorologist Leon Teisserenc have not discovered the layers of Earth's Atmospher probably we would have to wait many years to get out of the earth and know the space .
  • Laws of motion

    Laws of motion
    If sir Isaac Newton has not invented the 3 laws of motion we wont be able of predict the trayectory of objects in movement and all the classic mecanics would not be as good as it is now.