Immigration timeline

  • Jan 1, 1000

    The aboriginal peoples (20000-10000 BCE)

    The aboriginal peoples came to Canada between 20000 and 10000 BCE. When the aboriginal peoples arrived in Canada they spread out all over Canada. It is not truly known how the aborignal peoples got here. An interesting fact is that there are more than 20 theory's as to how the aboriginal's got here.
  • The French (1600-1700)

    The French peoples arrived in Canada between 1600 and 1700. The French had come to Canada in hope of finding great riches, gold and precious stones, many found none of the but did find fish and furs. Today's decendents of these French settlers live all over Canada. An interesting fact is that the first nations helped the French settle in.
  • The Great Migration (1815-1859)

    Many europeans arrived in Canada between 1815 and 1859 a span of only 35 years. The group mainly settled in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. The majority of the group came to Canada because of unemployment issued due to the industrial revolution. An interesting fact is that Britain was the main group in the revolution.
  • Post-Conferdation Immigration (1867-1914)

    Many British, French, German, Dutch, Scandanavion, Jewish and Ukranian people arrived in Canada between 1867 and 1914. Many of the people came because of the free land being offered in the prairie's. The group mainly settled in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. An interesting fact is that during this wave Canadian's population went up 4 million people in 40 years.
  • Post-War and Mid-Twentieth-Century Immigration (1919-1969)

    During 1919-1969 the same country's immigrated to Canada from the post-confederation immigration. The main reason for immigration was both of the world wars and the majority of people settled in the prairies. An interesting fact is that during the wars barely anyone immigrated.
  • Recent Immigration Pattern's (1970-present)

    Since 1970 Canada has been accepted new immigrants line one's from Africa, Mexico, and part of Asia and all over the world with the immigration point system. Many of the new immigrants come to escape hostile environments and usually settle in Ontario or Britsh Columbia. An interesting fact is that by 1981, 25% of immigrants were refugee's.