Immigrant Entries

  • Birth

    Idas Argyros is born in Athens, Greece into a very poor family. He is an only son, his brother died while serving in the Greek army. Family is very loyal to Greece and does not like it when he asks questions about going to America.
  • Leaving

    I am leaving Greece today, on to a new land. Away from poverty, My family does not want me to go, they say i am unloyal. but i fear being drafted into the military...
  • Building colapsed

    Building colapsed
    I was on the island earlier today for the first time and a fire broke out. There were no deaths but they say many records were destroyed. I was very frightened. I had dreams to fulfill in this country, but already the land of opportunity was burning down. It was not a good sign...
  • Going to Utah

    Going to Utah
    After making it through Ellis Island, I decided to go to Utah to work at a job I found in a coal mine. I have found a house for me, in Scofield, Utah. I will be working for the Pleasant Valley Coal Company of Carbon County...
  • Work

    I have lived here for a while now, work is good. I have been working in mine no.4 latley. My job is dangourous and not worth the pay. Every day I live in fear of a collapse in the mine, but I am glad I came here. Service in the military would kill me, I'm glad the mines don't.
  • Death

    This is the day i died, mine no.4 exploded at around 10:00 AM, leaving me trapped inside to suffocate. I was near the entrance and the ceiling collapsed over me, leaving me trapped to inhale the toxic fumes. I lived 27 years as a Greek imagrant in Utah,