Imaging Evolution Timeline

  • X-Ray is invented by Wilhelm Roentegn

    X-Ray is invented by Wilhelm Roentegn
    Roentgen accidentally discovered x-rays when testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass. He later found that the x-ray passes through human tissue, but bones would still be visible. The x-ray soon spread world-wide
  • NMR

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is discovered by Edward Purcell and Felix Bloch
  • Ultrasound

    Ian Donald discovered the ultrasound from 1955-1956
  • Endoscope

    Fiber-optic endoscope is invented by Basil Hirschowitz
  • Computed Tomography

    Computed Tomography
    CT scanning idea conceived by Godfrey Hounsfield
  • MRI

    Magnetic resonance image invented by Paul Lauterbur
  • PET

    Position emission tomography camera by Michael Phelps and Edward J Hoffman
  • Colored x-ray scanner

    Colored x-ray scanner
    University of Canterbury built color x-ray scanner.