IM&T Roadmap

  • Communications

    OCH Programme
  • Support Services

    Service Management improvement programme
  • Informatics Training

    Setting up the MOST Training Programme
  • Data Warehouse

    Data Warehouse Project
  • Application Support

    ESR Self Service
    Rolling Infrastructure Replacement Project to manage the wear and tear of Trust PCs and Laptops
    Implementation of Print Management solution aimed at generating husge cost savings for the Trust.
    BYOD & MDM
    Server Virtualisation Project
  • Business Processes

    Establish an IM&T PMO to manage and implement the projects that govern the Road Map in accordance with the Prince2 project managament methodology
    Establish a Change Advisory Board responsible for managing and approving changes Trust-wide to Trust-wide systems
    Setting up a Data Quality Working Group
  • Business Processes

    Establish an IM&T Programme governance structure with will piroritise the projects within the road map in accordance with the corporate objectives of the Trust as a whole
    Establish a Stakeholders Group to ensure the IM&T vision for the Trust is alligned with the vision of its key stakeholders and ensure buy-in for it's vision.
  • Strategy Development

    Establish a viable IM&T Strategy with a vision that is alligned with the corporate and business of the Trust as a whole
    Implement an IM&T Road Map with clearing defined abojectives and deliverables.
  • Decision Support Tools

    ESR Reporting Project
    Clinical Encoder Project
    Performance Monitoring tools
  • EPR

    EPR in A&E (BIMS
  • Information Governance

    Asset Management Project
    IG Toolkit
  • Electronic Archiving

    Digital Imaging for Endoscopy
  • EPR

    Chemo Prescribing Project
  • Clinical Portal

    Clinical Portal
  • Management Information

    Data Governance
  • Communications

    Intranet Redesign Project
    Wireless Extension Project
  • Application Support

    Windows 7
  • Application Support

    Windows 7
  • Electronic Archiving

    Scanning Project/Doc management
  • Patient Booking

    Self Service Kiosks
  • Social Media

    Patient WIFI Project
  • Identity Management

    Unique Identity Management Project (UIM)
    Implementation of Single Sign On
    Implementation of Info Flex
  • Identity Management

    Position Based Access Control Project (PBAC)
  • Information Governance

    Mobile Device Encryption Project
    Network Audit Project/Rationalisation of Netowrk links
    VPN Strategy
  • EPR

    Trust-wide EPR
  • Communications

    Implementation of a Video Conferencing strategy which says "We will bring your meetings to you".