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  • 500 BCE


    It was used as a calculating tool centuries before the arrival of the Arabic system.
  • Difference Engine

    Difference Engine
    Created by Charles Babbage it's an automatic mechanical calculator used to tabulate polynomial functions. He was the first to create the concept of programmable machine.
  • Atanasoff-Berry computer

    Atanasoff-Berry computer
    First electronic digital computer device. It was designed to solve up to 29 simultaneous linear equations. It contained approximately a mile of wire and it weighted roughly 320kg.
  • First e-mail

    First e-mail
    It was sent by Ray Tomlinson and he introduced the @ to separate the name of the user and the machine.
  • Xerox Alto computer

    Xerox Alto computer
    First computer designed to support an OS on a graphical user interface.
  • IBM 5100

    IBM 5100
    It was one of the first portable computers developed in the Palo Alto Scientific Center. Its price was 11000 USD for the 16k model and 20000 for the 64k model.
  • Internet

    In this year the first servers start to appear using di TCP/IP protocol.
  • Web browsers

    Web browsers
    The first web browsers are created which allow users to surf the internet.