IB Timeline

Timeline created by frankthird
  • IB Founded - DP

    Started with just the DP
  • MYP Added

    Development of MYP Program
  • PYP Added

  • 1,000 Schools!

  • IB Begins University Programme - Online

    With the mission of IB to create lifelong learners, I wouldn't be surprised if they continued their education given the success and strong number of schools globally. (They would need to call it UP for University Programme ;))
  • All Connected Classroom

    Schools would be completely connected virtually and complete assignments globally to help further the respect and understanding that other cultures might just be right.
  • 30,000 Schools

    The tiny snowball that began in 1968 has rolled into the large avalanche as more schools are added to enhance global learning. This is due to educators around the globe seeing the benefits of an international mindset.