IB Future Projections (Johnny Croft)

  • MYP Starts and Implements ATL's

    The Approaches to Learning allow for students to practice the skills associated with learning and applying knowledge in new situations. The ATL's also allow teachers to assess students and measure skill growth.
  • Career-related Programme Initiates

    A programme that emphasizes student differences and highlights career knowledge/skills in addition to academic knowledge
  • IB Implements eAssessments

    MYP eAssessments allow more students at an earlier age acquire globally recognized certificates of academic achievement and the ability to gauge their own preparedness.
  • Increased implementation of standards-based grading in the IB science classroom

    I see this as an international education trend, and I think the IB science curricula will begin to place even greater significance on assessment of skills/application through set grading standards such as Modeling Ideas, Analyzing Data, etc. This already accomplished in the IA's but I think it's going to become more common in the everyday classroom too.
  • IB Creates a Fully Online Diploma Programme

    It's become clear through the pandemic that online learning can accomplish more than we thought it could (though it still falls short in many ways). Perhaps 20 years from now many of these barriers will be overcome.
  • IB continues to expand it Career Programme

    As the IB Programme becomes more accessible to more people through online learning it applies its time-tested strategies to expand its career program to assist in preparing students for a wider range of traditional and non-traditional careers.