IB Evolution

Timeline created by Enerel
  • 2021 One World together

    Pandemic gave to World citizen that we are on the one road and we should cooperate together from the beginning till end. According to this strong message, ESS and other related subjects will be considered huge inputs to the awareness of the current situation.
  • 2031 One World generation

    All the generations who are educated in IB programs will take action. The actions will be positively impactful to the society and environment. One world generation will understand the importance of the IB program and will see how it is implied in reality in the end.
  • Spread of IB programs to all students

    Based on generation movement and works will impact international viewpoint of the education. Works that have done so far by IB graduates will prove the quality and importance of the programs.
    Countries will support the program and normal students will start educated by the IB program for free. Countries will support the program and make it public free education.