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I pod generations

  • Ipod first generation

    Ipod first generation
    ipod historyThe iPod first generation was Apple's first iPod. Among the iPod's innovations were its small size, achieved using a 1.8" hard drive, whereas its competitors were using 2.5" hard drives at the time, and its easy-to-use navigation, which was controlled using a mechanical scroll wheel, a center select button, and 4 auxiliary buttons around the wheel.
  • iPod Second generation

    iPod Second generation
    ipod historyThe iPod second generation used the same body style as the first generation, the hold switch was redesigned, a cover was added to the FireWire port, and the mechanical wheel was replaced with a touch-sensitive wheel. The front plate also had rounded corners and edges
  • iPod Third generation

    iPod Third generation
    ipod historyThe iPod third generation was thinner than the previous models, the models replaced the FireWire port with a new Dock Connector and introduced the Touch Wheel, a completely non-mechanical interface with the four auxiliary buttons located in a row between the screen and the touch wheel
  • iPod Mini First generation

    iPod Mini First generation
    ipod historyFirst generation iPod minis were available in five colors: silver, gold, pink, blue, and green. The gold model was dropped from the second generation range, likely due to its unpopularity. The pink, blue, and green models had brighter hues in the second generation; the silver model remained unchanged
  • iPod Shuffle First generation

    iPod Shuffle First generation
    ipod historyThe first generation iPod shuffle was designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order. According to Apple, owners of existing iPods had often left the music selection to "shuffle", and the new iPod shuffle was a way of implementing that in a much more cost-effective fashion
  • iPod Nano First generation

    iPod Nano First generation
    ipod historyDevelopment work on the design of the iPod nano started only nine months before its launch date. Apple released some accessories, including armbands and silicone "tubes" designed to bring color to the nano and protect it from scratches, as well as a combination lanyard-earphone accessory that hangs around the neck, and avoids the problem of tangling earphone cords.
  • iPod Shuffle Second generation

    iPod Shuffle Second generation
    ipod historyThe second generation model is less than half the size of the first generation model at 41.2 x 27.3 x 10.5 mm (1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 in), and is reminiscent of the iPod Radio Remote available for iPod nanos and 5th generation iPods.
  • iPod Nano Second generation

    iPod Nano Second generation
    ipod historyThe second-generation nano features scratch-resistant, anodized aluminum casing like the earlier mini's design; the multiple color choices (silver, green, pink, blue, and black) mirror that of the mini as well
  • iPod Touch First generation

    iPod Touch First  generation
    ipod historyThe iPod touch has the iPhone's multi-touch interface, with a physical home button off the touch screen. The home screen has a list of buttons for the available applications which include Music, Videos, Photos, iTunes, Safari, YouTube, Mail, Maps and Widgets. Software upgrades sold by Apple expand the iPod touch's functionality by adding more features.
  • iPod Nano Third generation

    iPod Nano Third generation
    ipod historyThe third generation nano features a 2-inch QVGA (320×240) screen and a shorter, wider, heavier design, with new colors. New features include browsing via Cover Flow, a new user interface, video playback, and support for new iPod Games. Users must repurchase games bought before a month prior to the debut of the new iPod as they are not supported.
  • iPod Touch Second generation

    iPod Touch Second generation
    ipod historyThe new iPod Touch features a thinner design. New additions include a volume button and inbuilt speaker. Newer firmware includes the App store and Genius functions.
  • iPod Nano Fourth generation

    iPod Nano Fourth generation
    ipod historyThe thinnest iPod ever comes with rounded edges and 9 amazing colours. The new Nano integrates 'genius' playlist creation and includes an accelerometer allowing you to turn the screen from vertical to horizontal. Shaking the new Nano plays a random song.
  • iPod Touch Third generation

    iPod Touch Third generation
    ipod historyThe iPod Touch third generation features a faster processor, optional higher capacity and support for Open GL. The iPod Touch is marketed as a gaming platform to rival the PSP and Nintendo DS
  • iPod Shuffle Fourth generation

    iPod Shuffle Fourth generation
    ipod historyThe new iPod Shuffle fourth generation features updated voice control, a clip and new colours.