I am number four book cover 677x1024

I am number 4: 440 pgs: Fic

  • I read pages 1-37

    Number 4 is a seventeen year old boy. He is from the lorien planet ,the planet was attacked so only nine kids escaped with guardiands they are special kids with powers. The people who killed the loriens are the mongadorians. I read 330 pages.
  • I read pages 38-71

    Number four and his cepan Henry which is his guardian, move from florida because they found out Number three died. So he was next so they moved to Paradise, Ohio where they live an old house three miles from number fours school, they have fake identities and Number four is John smith. I read 364 pages.
  • I read pages 72-103

    Number four attends school in Paradise but he has to remain on the down low so the mongadorians dont find him and kill him. He gets his first legacy or power he is fire resistant. He also has like a dream and finds out ehat happened to lorien and his family. I read 396 pages
  • Pages Read 104-134

    Number four continues to go to school and saah the girl he likes asked if her was going to the Halloween parade and they end up hanging out there meanwhile sarahs exboyfriend pulls pranks on number four like putting meaneur in his locker. He also visions lorien the planet he used to live in. Pages read 426.
  • Read pages 135-172

    Number four and henrie went to the Halloween parade and after the parade Number four, Sam, Sara, and Emily went on this scary hay ride in the forest. Well those football players were the monster and end up fighting number four but number four won all of them and now they are scared of him because he is strong. Total pages read 463.
  • Read pages 173 -206

    Its during thanksgiving and Henri is going to Athens to find the writer who wrote the article about the magadorians. And John (number 4) is invited to thanksgiving dinner at sarahs housel. Read 496 pages.
  • Read pages 207-237

    Henri isnt answering his phone and Number four gets worried so him and sam take sam's dad's truck to athens and they find the place. They found henri tied up and now know the mongadorians are there and they begin to fight. Total pages read 526.
  • Read pages 238-264

    Henri, Sam, and Number 4 escaped and went back to paraqdise ohio. Number four begins practicing his skill with telekenesis. 552 total pages read.
  • Read pages 265-293

    Winter break is here and things are getting more serious with 4 and sarah. They hang out for most of winter break. NUmber four and Henri learn about number 9 in the newspaper. 580 total pages read.
  • Read pages 294 - 334

    Sarah, Sam, and Number Four get invited to marks party when hey're there the house starts on fire and Number four cant find sarah.total pages read 620.
  • 335-358 pages read

    John thinks sarah is in the house so he goes looking for her inside. He finds her in the top room and saves her and Mark's dogs. Some people know John went inside and saved her but he denies it. Total pages read 653.
  • Read pages 359-440

    Theincident gets unnoticed and weeks go by and the mongadorians faxed john a paper and he goes to school and finds sarah hinding and then realizes the mongadorians are there somehow number six has also found him and they fight with henri and henri dies and they leave the school and now John, Number six, and Sam are on the road. Total pages read 732.