Hurricane and Tropical Storms

  • Hurricane Luis

    Hurricane Luis
    Hurricane Luis was a category 4. It came from the east Atlantic Ocean at 135 mph. Hurricane Luis past throw the northeast of Puerto Rico.
  • Hurricane Marilyn

    Hurricane Marilyn
    Marilyn was a small and intensifying hurricane and the intensity was estimated to be of sustained 110 mph winds. The damage in the main island of Puerto Rico was minimal again but Vieques and Culebra did not escape the core of the hurricane.
  • Hurricane Bertha

    Hurricane Bertha
    Hurricane Bertha was an unexpected hurricane that passed throw the northeast of Puerto Rico during the afternoon of July 8th. The storm was around 80 to 90 mph. There was little damage to the island one river flood and a power outage. There were 3 deaths in the hurricane Bertha two in a car accident. There was a person who drowned in the storm.
  • Hurricane Hortense

    Hurricane Hortense
    Hurricane Hortense was a category one but, caused devistating flooding in Puerto Rico. The flooding causd eight-teen deaths and many damaged homes.
  • Hurricane Georges

    Hurricane Georges
    Hurricane Georges started September 15th 1998 and lasted till October 1st 1998. Georges was a category 4. It passed through most of the carribean and damaged many homes.
  • Tropical Storm Jose

    Tropical Storm Jose
    Tropical Storm José passed throw Puerto Rico early in the afternoon of the 21st and later that afternoon around 45 nm northeast of Fajardo. Tropical storm force winds were measured unofficially in Luquillo early in the 21st with around 40-45 mph.
  • Hurricane Lenny

    Hurricane Lenny
    Hurricane Lenny passed latitude northeast throw Puerto Rico and the U.S. Vigin Island. It was a category 4 with 145mph.
  • Hurricane Debby

    Hurricane Debby
    Debby emerged off the coast of Africa. Debby moved north of Puerto Rico as a tropical storm. In Rio Piedras there was 12.60 inches of rain.
  • Tropical Storm Dean

    Tropical Storm Dean
    Tropical Storm Dean formed from the Virgin Islands Augustt 23 North of Puerto Rico got hit by the tropical wves. The tropical storm caused two-million dollors of damages in Puerto Rico.
  • Tropical Storm Jeanne

    Tropical Storm Jeanne
    Tropical Storm passed south of St Croix and then entered southeast of Puerto Rico. Jeanne was about 400 miles southest of San Juan.
  • Hurricane Dean

    Hurricane Dean
    Hurricane Dean Passed to the south of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands from east to west.
  • Tropical Storm Olga

    Tropical Storm Olga
    Olga moved west along the noth east coast of Puerto Rico. The center of Olga was just wes of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico began to experience heavy rains and measured winds of 30 mph.
  • Hurricane Omar

    Hurricane Omar
    Hurricane Omar was a strong hurricane that took an unusual southwest to northwest track. The storm was an intensive category 1 and winds went 130mph. The lost in damages were $79 millon dollors.
  • Tropical Storm ANA

    Tropical Storm ANA
    Tropial storm Ana was the first cyclone to impact the Caribbean during 2009.
  • Tropical Storm Erika

    Tropical Storm Erika
    Tropical Storm Erika formed from the coast of Africa. Erika lasted only around four days. Erika reached 315nm east of Guadelope. The rainfall torrential in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands ,and Leeward Isands. There were flash flooding across Puerto Rico.
  • Hurricane Earl

    Hurricane Earl
    Hurricane Earl started from the coast of Africa as a tropical disturbance. Then later became a category 4 huricane near St.Thomas. Earl passed Puerto Rico at 95 mile. Earl produced 3 to 5 inches of rainfall.
  • Tropical Storm Emily

    Tropical Storm Emily
    Tropical Storm Emily was a week long topical cyclone. Wind gust went from 36mph to 48 mph.In Puerto Rico floods affected houses and roads industries lost around $5million.
  • Hurricane Irene

    Hurricane Irene
    Hurricane Irene was a large and impressive tropical wave during across the Atlantic Ocean. The damages were floodings and rivers over flowing and tree damage which blocked roads and highways.
  • Tropical Storm Maria

    Tropical Storm Maria
    Tropical storm Maria was first a tropical depression then classifed as a tropical storm in the far eastern Atlantic. The U.S. Virgin Island got lost of wind and breez for 3 days but no mayor damages.In Puerto Rico there was devastating flooding.
  • Hurricane Isaac

    Hurricane Isaac
    Hurricane Isaac started as a strong tropical wave then developed into a tropical depression August 21 later that day it was classifed into a tropical storm. The storm passed throw Puerto Rico August 23. The heavy rain occured when Isaac moved southwest of Puerto Rico. Isaac was a category one.