Humanities Year 8 WW1 1918

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  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    At Brest - Litovsk, Bolshevic Russia signs peace treaty with the Central powers through exchanging vast amount of Russian territory for peace.
  • Austria-Hungary signs armistice

    With Allies at Villa Giusti
  • Austria-Hungary sings armistice

    With Allies at Villa Giusti.
  • Operation Michael

    1st phase of German offensive
    German General Erich Ludendorff plans last ditch spring offensive.
    German's use new infiltration tactics & overwhelm British 5th army to full retreat.
    German advance threaten British & French army to split.
    French General Ferdinand Foch is appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces to co-ordinate a new strategy.
  • British & Aus halt German troops outside Amiens

    Outside Amiens, British & Australian troops improvise defence & finally halt German advance.
  • Operation Georgette

    2nd phase of German offensive
    German offensive switch to north. Target Channel ports.
    British inflect heavy losses on German, prevent breakthrough.
  • The 'Red Baron' shot down

    Germany's most famous pilot, Manfred von Richthofen, the 'Red Baron' is shot down and killed near Amiens.
    Has 80 victories & war's highest scoring ace
  • Cologne bombed

    Britain's new 'Independent Bombing Force' launches daylight raid agains Cologne.
    Marks beginning of Britain's own strategic bombing campaign.
  • Operation Blucher - Yorck

    3rd phase of German offensive
    Ludenforff's offensive switches south targeting the French.
    German troops advance 30 miles but are halted at River Marne as fresh American devision enter the line.
  • Battle of Cantigny

    First US Division to see combat in WW1.
  • Battle of Belleau Wood

    US 2nd division wins
  • Operation Gneienau

    4th phase of German offensive
    9 mile advance however halted by French counterattack.
  • Battle of the piave river

    In Italy, Austria-Hungary launches an attack at Asiago and the Piave River to support Ludenforff's offensive in France
    Repulsed by heavy losses & morale in Austro-Hungarian army collapses.
  • Allied forces land at Murmansk

    British & French troops land at Murmansk in northern Russian
    Beginning of Allied intervention in Russia's Civil War on the side of 'White , or anti-Bolshevik, forces.
  • Operation Marneschutz-Reims

    On Western Front, German's final attack is defeated in the Second Battle of Marne.
    Ludendorff's Offensive cost Germans more than 600,000 causalities failing to make a decisive breakthrough.
  • Battle of Ameins

    British, Australian, Canadian & French troops, supported by tanks and aircraft advance 7 miles in a single day.
    General Ludendorff calls this day as 'the Black Day of the German army'
  • Battle of Dobro Pole

    In the Balkans, a new Allied offensive at Dobro Pole breaks through Bulgarian positions.
    Bulgarian army collapses - 2wks later sings armistice
  • Battle of Megiddo

    In Middle East, British led forces defeat the Turks at the Battle of Megiddo taking 25,00 prisoners.
  • Allied Grand offensive

    On Western Front, Marshal Foch orders general attack.
    British, French & American armies reach the Hindenburg Line, a line of reinforced German defences, and break through.
  • Damascus occupied

    By Allied forces
  • Germany request armistice

    Request sent to US President Woodrow Wilson, in return he demands German withdrawal form all occupied territory & Kaiser's abdication.
  • Battle of Vittorio Veneto

    On the Italian Front, the Allies deliver the final blow to Austria-Hungary at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto.
    300,000 prisoner taken & Austro-Hungarian army is gone
  • Aleppo occupied

    By allied forces
  • Ottoman Empire signs armistice

    With Allies at Mudros as Central Powers face collapse
  • Kiel

    German High Seas Fleet ordered to make suicidal attack on British navy but instead it mutinies.
  • German delegation signs armistice

    With allies inside Marshal Foch's railway carriage at Compiegne.
    It comes into force at 11am however fighting continues until the last moment.
  • German General Von Lettow - Vorbeck surrenders

    In East Africa, on the Chamber River.
  • Paris Peace conference opens

    At Palace of Versailles outside French capital.
    Delegates accepted a proposal to create 'League of Nations' to settle future international international disputes.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Versailles Treaty impose harsh terms on German.
    It's military restricted in size.
    Must pay war reparation to Allies
    Loses territory to its neighbours.
    Colonies seized by the victors.
    Accept responsibility for war in a 'war guilt' clause.