Huang he

Huang He Civilization

  • 101

    Xia Dynasty

    First dynasty in Chinese history ; the reigns of 17 emperors in 14 generations. (2070-1600bce)
  • 102

    Start of Hereditary System

    The first leader of the civilization, Xia Yu, attempted to hand his throne down to his follower Yi, but Yi was outvoted by the various dukes; thus, starting the system of the royal family. (2062bce)
  • 103

    Xia Jie reign

    First notorious King in Chinese history. e.g. Once ordered 300 people to kill themselves by jumping into a lake of wine in order to amuse his wife and him. (1635-1603bce)
  • 104

    Shang Dynasty

    Rose after the fall of the tyrannical Jie. The Dynasty lasted nearly 600 years, with 30 emperors through 17 generations. (1600-1029bce)
  • 105

    Invention of Writing

    Invention of Writing
    Developed the oldest known form of Chinese writing with oracle bone insrciptions whose signs are similar to the ones used today. (1500bce)
  • 106

    Bronze Age

    The Chinese valued bronze highly and only used it for weaponry and ceremonial purposes. (1600bce)
  • 107

    Zhou Dynasty

    Invaded and conquered the Shang Dynasty by invading its capital. Downfall of the shang was believed to be because of the king's immoral living. (1029-221bce)
  • 108

    Golden Age

    Golden Age
    Birth of Confucianism and Taoism. It was a peaceful time and the state of the economy was calm.
  • 109

    Start of the Spring and Autumn Period

    Feudal government was established in order to give power to the royal families. (794-452bce)
  • 110

    Fall of Zhou Dynasty

    Reign of 800 years, with the reign of 34 Kings (221bce)