Cultural Timeline of Rock n Roll

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  • Fender Electric Guitar

    Fender Electric Guitar
    Fender releases a new solid body electric guitar, originally called the Broadcaster but is now known as the Telecaster. It was the first of its kind and influenced the way musicians made their music.
  • Gibson (Les Paul) Electric Guitar

    Gibson (Les Paul) Electric Guitar
    Gibson introduces their electric guitar just two years after the release of the Fender Broadcaster. The Gibson Les Paul solid body guitar also sells well and does good on the market like the Fender.
  • Evolution in Music Culture

    Evolution in Music Culture
    The music industry continues to be all about styles like traditional R&B and the Blues. American Pop charts house such names as Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney. In 1953 the electric guitar becomes commercialized and sold, it is quickly adapted into the blues style by many artists. 1953 also marks the year that Bill Haley and His Comets first hit the top charts with a true rock and roll song- "Crazy Man Crazy".
  • The Beginning of Rock and Roll

    The Beginning of Rock and Roll
    People like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley become the pioneers of the rock and roll style from around 1955 to the early 60's. Rock and roll was originally a combination between electric blues and country music, but develops its own style as it gains popularity throughout the 1950's.
  • Rock and Roll Breakthrough

    Rock and Roll Breakthrough
    During the 1960's roll and roll musics begins to dominate the top charts and Elvis Presley continuously produces hits throughout the early 60's. Bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin take over the top charts in the second half of the decade. Rock and roll becomes the top trending style of music among people of all ages in North America, UK, and certain parts of Europe.
  • The Golden Age of Rock

    The Golden Age of Rock
    The Beatles split up in 1970 after producing 21 of the top 100 songs throughout the 1960's, however they all go on to have successful solo careers. The early 70's are marked by the deaths of some of the greats including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. Hard Rock starts to emerge as a popular style of music and as car radios become popular the number of Rock and Roll stations increases. Aerosmith releases their third studio album which hits #11th on the top charts in April of 1975.
  • Elvis Presley Dies

    Elvis Presley Dies
    The community of rock n roll is heartbroken after Elvis Presley dies at the age of 42 in 1977. Nicknamed "the King", Elvis had 18 number one hits throughout his time in the music industry and over 40 top ten hits.
  • The Early 1980's

    The Early 1980's
    John Lennon is shot to death on December 8th,1980 right before the release of his new album. MTV (Music Television) makes its debut on 300 cable stations in the US, and by 1983 it's available on over 2000. The number of successful female artists begins to rise, more album sales and top charts appearances.
  • The Late 1980's

    The Late 1980's
    Bands like ACDC, Guns n' Roses, Rush, and Queen become the more popular groups in late 80's. 1988 marks the first year that CD's outsell vinyl albums although cassette tapes are still very popular. In December of 1989 Billy Joel gets his third #1 US top chart single with "We Didn't Start The Fire".
  • Alternative Rock of the 90's

    Alternative Rock of the 90's
    In the early 1990's Alternative Rock explodes into popularity along with other genres like Grunge and Pop Punk. Major record labels take in bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam which appeal to mainstream audiences. Bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chilli Peppers appeal to the Alternative Rock community. 1992 marks the year that most major record labels agree to phase out of cardboard CD boxes for environmental concern.
  • Canadian Rock n Roll

    Canadian Rock n Roll
    Canadian Rock band Nickelback is formed in 1995. Originating from Hanna, Alberta the band becomes known for their variations on different rock genres including Hard Rock, Alternative, Grunge, and Pop rock.
  • 1997 Debut Year

    1997 Debut Year
    The first true female Hard Rock band, the Donnas release their debut album in January of 1997. French electronic duo Daft Punk also releases their album in January of 1997, Daft Punk uses an original electronic sound over a rock and roll beat.
  • Pop- Hip Hop Takeover

    Pop- Hip Hop Takeover
    Rock and Roll takes a slight slide down the top charts with Pop and Hip Hop being the new trending genres. 16 year old Britney Spears releases her debut album in 1999 which makes #1 on the US and UK charts. Other artists of different genres like Cher and Eminem take over the top charts in the later months of 1999, making it difficult for many rock and roll artists to breakthrough, although certain bands like ACDC and Red Hot Chilli Peppers maintain Platinum songs. Nickelback gains popularity.
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