HP timeline

  • Oscilloscope

    It is an electronic test instrument and it tests voltages. It can be used in science experiments.
  • HP 5060A Atomic clock

    HP 5060A Atomic clock
    It is a clock that uses in the microwave as a time keeping element.
  • HP 2116A Computer

    HP 2116A Computer
    It is for typing things inside and it is also for sale at that time. This was the first made computer in HP.
  • HP 9100A Personal computer

    HP 9100A Personal computer
    You can type a lot of words and it is also a scientific calculator.
  • HP-35 Calculator

    HP-35 Calculator
    It is used for calculating numbers and this calculator can fit into a shirt pocket.
  • HP-65 Programmed pocket calculator

    HP-65 Programmed pocket calculator
    This calculator can calculate easy numbers and it can put into a pocket.
  • HP-01 Wrist instrument

    HP-01 Wrist instrument
    It combines digital wristwatch, calculator and personal calendar. You wear it on your wrist.
  • HP-12C Business calculator

    HP-12C Business calculator
    It is for business people calculating large numbers. They can put it in their pockets.
  • HP-75C Handheld computer

    HP-75C Handheld computer
    This computer can be hand held and there are also words that you can type on it.
  • HP-150 Touch screen Computer

    HP-150 Touch screen Computer
    This computer can be touched at the screen so it will be easier and faster.
  • HP laser Jet

    HP laser Jet
    This HP laser jet can print out black and white colour papers. It is the first printer that was invented by HP.
  • HP Colour printing

    HP Colour printing
    It can print paper out into colour of what they want. It is better than the laser one.
  • HP95LX Palmtop

    HP95LX Palmtop
    It is a handy pocket laptop and it is small. You can type words in and it is easier.
  • Super dome

    Super dome
    It advances the position in the internet infrastructure.
  • HP laptop

    HP laptop
    It is a laptop that the Year 9s is using and there are a bit old.
  • HP Laptop

    HP Laptop
    It is a laptop that the year 8s is using and there are a lot of functions. It is better than the old ones.
  • HP Latop

    HP Latop
    It is used for typing in information and also taking photos. It is better that the old versions.