"How Will Made it"

By TevinL
  • 96-2012 Will started off "Fresh"

    96-2012 Will started off "Fresh"
    Fourteen of the nineteen fiction films he has acted in have accumulated worldwide gross earnings of over $100 million, and four took in over $500 million in global box office receipts. As of 2011, his films have grossed $5.7 billion in global box office.[4] His most financially successful films have been Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Independence Day, Men in Black, Men in Black II, I, Robot, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend, Hancock, Wild Wild West, Enemy of the State, , Hitch and Seven pounds.
  • "Will Shows his talents"

    "Will Shows his talents"
    One film where Will smith earned multiple awards. "I Am Legend," in which he was required to hold the screen, all by himself, for over an hour, as the survivor of biological outbreak that has wiped out most of the world. In this film will showed everyone that he could do much more than only comedy movies. And he managed to pull it off.
  • Facts About Will

    Facts About Will
    With two Oscar nominations and almost four and a half billion dollars in box office receipts to his credit, a movie starring Will Smith is about as close as you get to having a sure thing, whether it's science fiction, romantic comedy, or a summer blockbuster. Will now works back on an new Album, also he's teaching and bettering his kids for the acting business.
  • The Pinkett Smith Family

    The Pinkett Smith Family
    Will and Jada first met in 1995 when she auditioned for the role of Smith's girlfriend on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" show. She was turned down because she was considered to be too short for the part. Their first date was in Mexico. Will said that Jada didn't think he was funny when they first met.
    Together, they established the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation to fund charitable organizations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other cities. The focus of the foundation is on youth education