How we listen to music timeline

Timeline created by The Fire Lily
  • Records

    Check this out for more details on the record
    Records were the first thing that was used to store and play music.
  • Record player

    to read more of the record player The record player was invented by Thomas Edison, who called his invention the phonograph. Edison was more interested in the scientific applications of the phonograph than in its use for music.
  • 8-Tracks

    They were popular in cars in the 1970s,
  • Cassettes

    Cassettes became even more popular when the walkman came out.
  • CDs

    CDs began to replace records around the 1980's
  • CD players

    CD players
    CDs were the new crays and know you could take them on the go.
  • MP3

    The year i was born and the year the MP3 came out.
  • Ipods

    Ipods... we loved them so much
  • Iphone 4

    Iphone 4
    The wait for an awesome new phone that includes internete, music and texing, all in one, this is the big thing these days.
  • Ipod touch five

    Ipod touch five
    Hip Hip, man do i love the expantion of technology. Ipods are one of the craz for our generation
  • live

    before technology people would listen to music and still to this day people sing live