how ict has developed

  • whenwas the first computer used

    the first computer was being used to prefrorm calculations to preform on the computers and then that tradition carried on into the 21st century
  • when was the first areoplane launched

    the first areoplane launched was the milestone areoplane took it first sucessful launch
  • when was comedy first put on tv

    it was the firsst comedy put on tv when there was nothing better to watch on tv so producers thought they might get a few more viewers if they put comedy on tv
  • when was the phone invented

    this is when the first ever mobile phone came to usse by human beings by philip porters it was called a brick phone but then aftera few years vodafone came into the business
  • when was the first computer game made

    the first computer games wads made by a man called by william higelboth who then onwards he became more popular
  • the first iphone invented

    this is when the first iphone was invented and sold wiorld wide
  • when was google invented

    larry page and sergey brim the company is not set in the mountains somewhere in california over the years it ihas uploaded lots more apps like gmail ,android
  • when was the first ipod invented

    the first ipod was invented and ijit was created by their comapny which is situated all over the world
  • when facebook was invented

    facebook was invented by mark zuckerburg which was frirst published by the name the facebook which has now become one of the most used social netwroking sites
  • when was google map invented

    this is when google maps was invented gavin is a man who put a bit of work towards google maps
  • when did monarch fly to ibiza

    monarch started fliying to ibiza
  • when was the first iphone out

    this is when the first iphone released and sold worldwide
  • when was launched

    when the first ticket alert service was launched so you could buy tickets online
  • when was android invented

    this is when adroid was invented a lot of countries took up selling android which many people were confused on how to use it to start off with
  • launching new b A app launched

    they have launched a new iphone app which lets you check in with that instead of a paper tickets
  • when was the first sat nav launched

    this was when the first sat nav was launched but the americans were the first sat nav was launched and the next one is expected to launch in may 15
  • when did tesco start doing home delivery

    this is when the tesco home delivery sarted up over 30 countries
  • when was twitter invented

    it was invented bu jack dorsey it was first released in august the same year and after a few days of it going public it went through the roof so many people created accounts
  • what was invented

    smart grid technology is used worlkld wide across different nations
  • what will be out in 2020

    it is when the 5g come out and you can text without using your hands you could even text whilst driving.
  • what is invented

    mind reading technology is coming into security purposes
  • what is invented

    deafness will be fully cured using technology on a computer
  • what is invented

    the advanced technology is used to make the mission into space for the first time
  • what was invented

    robotic hands made for human capability
  • what was invented

    interent speed is a commonplace for human use
  • what was invented

    self driving vehicles that baaiscally you can just sit there and it can drive your slef