how has the PDC developed sport in the UK?

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    PDC has developed darts in the UK

  • First world darts championship tournament

    This was organised in 1992 and this tournament is still going on now and has been developed lots since then, e.g. televised contracts and sponsorships. this helped developed sport because it made the sport more attractive because of this big tournament.
  • Sky sports television coverage

    The PDC got a contract with sky sports so that all their tournaments were played live on sky. this then made the sport well-known to the UK and more people participated in it making the sport bigger and bigger to what it is today.
  • World Matchplay Tournament started

    the world matchplay tournament started to give them 2 televised tournaments which helped with the promotion of darts in the UK and it acted like an advertisement of the sport. this also helped with the publicity of darts in those days.
  • the world grand prix tournament

    this was introduced to make 3 televised tournaments for the PDC all on sky sports. the sport was coming more well-known at this point and the more televised tournaments they had the more people were getting to know the sport and enjoy it.
  • changed chairman

    the board of directors stepped down in favour of a bett team that could carry darts forward better. Barry Hearn then was made chairman and he came in with new ideas and he was a promoter which helped the world of darts.
  • las vegas desert classic

    the las vegas desert classic was introduced in 2002 and this made the sport bigger in different countries and helped the sport grow and attract more people. this tournament ended in 2011 because a lot more tournaments were introduced.
  • UK open

    the UK open was introduced in 2003 and this was based in Bolton by now is based in Minehead. this tournament has got bigger over the years because people that dont play in the PDC can qualify for this tournament and it gives other people an opportunity to show them what they can do.
  • premier league of darts

    the premier league of darts was introduced and this was a televised torunament each week on a thursday night and this pumped a lot of money into the PDC to help darts grow bigger from what they already were.
  • Grand slam of darts

    this was introduced in 2007, this let people from the BDO compete against the people in the PDC to see whether they wanted to move from the BDO to the PDC giving them more opportunities for money.
  • PDC world cup of darts

    this was the first pairs tournament in the PDC and this gave darts a different perspective and this introduced pub darts to knew formats of darts.
  • youth development tour

    the youth development tour was introduced to give the young and upcoming darts players the chance to play darts at a correct standard and not playing in adults and getting beat. this helped younger players break through into the adults darts league and this helped younger people play darts.
  • world series of darts

    the world series of darts helped darts go to countries that hadnt heard about darts so that they could know and play the sport. this then helped advertise the sport and more people came to the UK to play darts and promote it even more to different people from different cultures.