How did it happen2

How did I.T. happen?

By Morph
  • First programmable computer?

    First programmable computer?
    In this year, who started designing the Analytical Engine, usually thought of as the first computer (although it wasn't actually built until 2002)? (image from courtesy of the Science Museum, London, 1840)
  • It was made of WHAT?

    It was made of WHAT?
    The forerunner of which component of the modern computer was originally made out of a wooden pasta box, meat skewers, and rubber bands in this year? (image Courtesy of Brooke W. Boering, c1890)
  • Big Blue?

    Big Blue?
    The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was founded in 2011, what new name did this company adopt in 1924? [image (c) Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, 2006]
  • One of the seven wonders?

    One of the seven wonders?
    Which British inventor designed "Colussus" in this year and where was it used? [image (c) Rachel Clarke, 2007]
  • Is there anybody out there?

    Is there anybody out there?
    Developed in 1949 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, modems allowed computers to communicate over the telephone line. What does "modem" stand for? [image (c) Richard Masoner, 2009]
  • Steve? Steve? Steve? Steve?

    Steve? Steve? Steve? Steve?
    In 1968, two Steves met. What were their surnames and what company did they go on to found? [image (c) Ken-ichi Ueda, 2006]
  • What's that smell?

    What's that smell?
    Who invented the first arcade video game for Atari in this year and what was it called? [image (c) C. Frank Starmer, 2011]
  • Under the Hammer

    Under the Hammer
    What was the online auction site e-bay called when it was launched in 1995? [image (c) Andrew Scott, 2008]
  • Three's company?

    Three's company?
    Before founding YouTube in 2005, which company did its 3 founders work for? [image (c) John Atherton, 1955]