• Birthdate

    Hopsin was born on july 18th 1985.
    Hopsin is from Los Angeles, California.
  • first t.v show he played in

    Thats so raven
    He made fun of someone
  • High school

    Hopsin went to James Munroe High School.
    Hopsin droped out to fulfill his music career.
  • unsucessful record deal

    Hopsin signed to deceased rapper Eazy-E's record label Ruthless Records.
    Hopsin stilled waited for Eazy-E's widow Tomica Wright to give him a record deal but she didnt know what she was doing.
  • First sucessful record deal

    First sucessful record deal
    Hopsin's record Gazing at the moon light was relased.
    Hopsin then found Funk Volume with Dame Ritter and Dame's brother "SwizZz".(also a artist)
  • Second sucessful record

    Second sucessful record
    Hopsin's record RAW was first releassed as a digtial download on itunes and as a CD.
    Hopsin made a video named "Sag my pant" to dis Lil Wayne, Drake, Soulja Boy, Lupe Fiasco, and Rick Ross.
  • His nunber one video

    Hopsin's number one video is ILL mind of hopsin 4
    The song got over 10,000 views
  • Hopsin first world wide song ever played on the radio

    On January 22, 2012, Hopsin landed a spot on MTV2's "Sucker Free Sunday" by being featured in Tech N9ne's, and B.O.B's music video for "Am I A Psycho?".
    Hopsin's first song heard on the radio.
  • Third sucessful record

    Third sucessful record
    Hopsin's "Hop madness" got over 6,000,000 views in the first week.
    Hopsin made a video with French Montana,Machine Gun Kelly, Danny Brown, Roscoe Dash, and Kid Ink.
  • freshman XXL

    In 2012 Hopsin was on the cover of XXL as part of their annual "Top 10 Freshmen list" along with fellow rappers French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Danny Brown, Roscoe Dash, and Kid Ink.
    He was the first person to start the song off.
  • hopsin's song that has rarely been heard

    Hopsin would later collaborate with Tech N9ne once again for the Insane Clown Posse's "SKREEEM!!"
    Hopsin was the first to say yes to Tech N9ne for this song
  • Hopsin's first move

    The name of the movie is bomb the world
    Hopsin plays a rapper named Face