Hope Solo

  • Hope Solo was born

    She was born in Richland, Washington
  • Period: to

    Hope Solo's Life

  • State Championship

    Hope lead her highschool team to a state championship as the leading scorer.
  • College at University of Washington

    She played soccer as the starting goalkeeper for four years at the University of Washington.
  • Joined the U.S. National Team

    Hope Solo first made the National Team in 2000 and is still playing on the team today.
  • Jeffery Solo dies

    Hope's father dies because of a heart problem.
  • Kicked off the U.S. National Team

    Hope was kicked off the National Team for speaking out to the public about her coach and teamates in a negative way.
  • Hope gained her starting spot back

    After she was kicked off the team in 2008 she was brought back and regain her starting spot on the National Team.
  • Won the Gold Medal at the Olympics

    The National Team won the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 with Hope as the starting goal keeper.
  • Joined Saint Louis Athletica

    This is a professional team that Hope Solo played with in the United States.
  • Joined Atlanta Beat

    Another professional team that Hope Solo played with in the U.S. after her first team folded.
  • Lost the World Cup

    The National lost the World Cup in 2011 to Japan in the finals.
  • Joined Magic Jack

    Joined a team called Magic Jack after her Atlanta team folded.
  • Joined Seattle Sounders Women

    Joined this team after her Magic Jack team folded and she is still playing with them today.
  • Drug Test

    Hope failed a drug test right before the Olympics.