Hope Elementary - now and then

By tubbs
  • No more Dell desktop computer!

    I have gotten rid of my Dell desktop computer at work. I despise the PC. The only reason I ever turned on the computer was to complete a budget transfer or P.O. (disclaimer - my desktop is not entirely obsolete --- I gave it to a teacher when their desktop crashed --- I still have an Mac on my desk, which is all I use now --- we were told to use only PCs, but my Mac does everything since all programs we use are web based and we don't have to use desktop client versions anymore --- freedom!
  • Period: to

    Change is good!

  • Online reading counts

    Our recent parent survey reported a strong desire for Reading Counts to be available online for families to access in the comfort of their own home. We have a limited number of computers for students at school to access Reading Counts. Purchasing the online access for Reading Counts is cheaper than purchasing only two computers. Makes cents to me!
  • CorkboardMe collaboration

    Our teachers already collaborate every Thursday. CorkboardMe will be the main medium for posting and sharing SMARTBoard and technology ideas. All committees will have their own corkboard for brainstorming sessions. As principal, I can will be able to follow these sessions and even place my own comments and notes on the board.
  • Volunteers sign up online

    Using Sign Up Genius or a similar online program, we will recruit volunteers for our Everyone A Reader program. Volunteers will visit the website to sign up for a specific date and time to read with our 2nd grade students. The program will email reminders as well as program updates. This type of online sign up should offer more opportunities for volunteers fewer families actually visit the office to sign up for events.
  • Digital electives offered for Fun Friday

    A six week elective class will be offered during Fun Friday activity time with a focus on creating digital content. Students will learn how to create a Prezi presentation (autobiography), demonstrate an understanding of volume, area, and perimeter within Minecraft video gaming world, and create videos to teach concepts to their peers.
  • Digital readers introduced for Literature circles

    Our first grade level (likely 5th grade) will use a digital reader within literacy circles. Not only will students read novels from the digital reader, but they will be able to record notes (personal bookmarks) within the text and view what others have stated about particular passages in the books. These comments encourage and promote thoughtful discussion. This process is already available as I recently discovered over a hundred notes shared through my Kindle copy of The Hunger Games.
  • School administrators will tour our library

    With only one of two libraries remaining in all of Carlsbad, we will host book reading parties for parents and students as a way to promote social gatherings. Administrators will lament destroying all their books to make room for a digital bank of media. When the media costs too much to update or fix, our one time purchase of a book that is still being used will look like a great investment to promote literacy!