Hong kong

Hong Kong History

By ekrust
  • First Opium War

    First Opium War
    18th of march 1839 - 29th August 1942
  • Convention of Chuenpee

    Convention of Chuenpee
    the result is that the preliminary cession of hong kong island to the United KIngdom.
  • Treaty of Nanjing

    Treaty of Nanjing
    As a result: cession of Hong Kong Island founded as a crown colony of the United Kingdom
  • Second Opium War

    Second Opium War
  • Convention of Beijing

    Convention of Beijing
    as a result: Cession of Kowloon (south of boundary street)
  • Second Convention of Hong Kong

    Second Convention of Hong Kong
    As a Result: Relese of new Terriorties (encluding new Kowloon)
  • Great Hong Kong Typhoon

    Great Hong Kong Typhoon
  • End of Japenese Occupation

    End of Japenese Occupation
  • Ocean Park

    Ocean Park
  • Kai Tak Airpot

    Kai Tak Airpot
    closed 5th of july 1998
  • Hong Kong Internation Airport

    Hong Kong Internation Airport
    opend 6th July 1998
  • Disneyland Opened

    Disneyland Opened