• Hitler's birth.

    Adolf Hitler was born on April 20,1889.
  • In 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes the chancellor of Germany.

    Hitler won with 36.8% (13,418,547) votes from the presidency, which was enough to make him the chancellor of Germany.
  • The Nazi Assualt.

    Hitler's guards aka (storm troopers) started taking Jews into custody to kill/to enslave them.
  • The Jewish Business Boycott.

    Hitler's guard's put signs up in the windows of Jewish shops, so that they have to shop at the German hours.
  • The Citizenship Cards.

    Hitler made everyone (especially Jews) carry around citizenship cards to see who is German or Jewish.
  • The "Science" of race

    Hitler taught the young Germans that they are the "superior" race.
  • "Enemies of The State"

    Hitler put Jews in concentration camps and ordered them based on race, disabilities, and looks.
  • "Night of The Broken Glass"

    The people of Rostock, Germany watch a burning synagogue the morning after Kristallnacht.