Ho Chi Mihn

By zbannon
  • The day Ho Chi Minh was Born

  • Paris Peace Conference

    Ho Chi Minh petitioned in Paris Peace Confrence for policital freedom.
  • Ho Chi Minh French Communist Party

    Ho ended his alliance with the socialist and began the French Communist Party
  • Ho Chi Minh's communist journey

    He started his quest to eliminate French colonialism
  • Ho Chi Minh's training

    He endeavored to Moscow to train to become Comintern agent
  • Ho's mission

    His goal was to change Vietnamese dissident into communist revolutionaries
  • Ho Chi Minh arrested

  • Ho Chi Minh changes his name.

    Ho Chi Minh prevously named Nguyen Sinh Cung after his release from jail changes his name to Ho Chi Minh
  • Japan's surrender absences of power

  • Ho becomes President

    Ho declares Democratic Republic of Vietnam with himself as President
  • Ho Chi Minh dies

    Ho died from a heart ailment