Hiv aids 3


  • Period: to

    The 30's

  • Estimated time of virus mutation to HIV

  • Period: to

    The 50's

  • First known human case of HIV (Congo)

  • Ardouin Antonio dies of a disease closely related to AIDS

  • Period: to

    The 60's

  • HIV-2 found in W. Africa, thought to come from monkeys

  • AZT is synthesized, meant to be anticancer, but used for HIV

  • HIV first arrives in the Americas, first in Haiti

  • Estimated year of HIV's arrival in USA

  • St. Louis teen dies of unknown causes, evidence of HIV

  • Period: to

    The 70's

  • First signs an symptoms being discovered in Africa

  • Sailor Arvid Noe dies of AIDS, contracted in Africa

  • Physician Grethe Rask dies of AIDS, contracted in Africa

  • Prostitute gives birth to 3 children with AIDS, she and kids die of AIDS

  • Portuguese man, Senhor Jose, first known victim on HIV-2

  • Female baby born in NJ with AIDS, first case in USA

  • Period: to

    Early 80's

  • Ken Horne first publically recognized case of AIDS in USA

  • Gaetan Dugas, "Patient Zero", connected to many early AIDS cases in USA

  • Schoolteacher, Rick Wellikoff, dies of AIDS, the 4th case in USA