200px bundesarchiv bild 183 s33882, adolf hitler retouched

Hitler's Rise to Power

  • Saturaday Surprise

    Saturaday Surprise
    Hitler springs one of his first "Saturday Surprises". In the name of "Defense" Hitler re-arms the army and creates a new air force. This broke the Treaty of Versaille
  • Saturday Suprise 2

    Saturday Suprise 2
    The second Saturaday Surprise took place on March 7,1936. This is when Hitler invades the Rhineland. This also broke the Treaty of Versailles but world leaders allowed this fearing of a second world war
  • Taking Austria

    Taking Austria
    Before Hitler took Austria he tried to convince the Austrian president to merge with Germany. Hitler then gave the president 3 days to make up his mind. With no answer Hitler invaded Austria.
  • Taking Czechoslavakia

    Taking Czechoslavakia
    In 1938 with money funding from the nazis, Some Germans in Czechoslavakia demanded for the return to the Reich. What Hitler wanted was the broders of Czechoslavakia known as the Sudentland which was home to many Germans. He got this from the Munich agreement.This agreement said that according to France and Great Britain Hitler can have Czechoslavakia.
  • Hitler;s Death Threat

    Hitler;s Death Threat
    At this time Hitler was making a speach to the Reichstag. This speach talked about the solution to the Jewish problem. Hitler's answer extermination of the whole jewish race
  • Targeting Poland

    Targeting Poland
    HItler declares war on Poland. He does this by having some of his stormtroopers kill some Polish people and dress them in Polish military clothes and say that they where retaliating a polish attack,
  • Conquests in the West

    Conquests in the West
    Hitler becomes so powerful that he takes over Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. By June 22 France has fallen
  • Invading Russia

    Invading Russia
    Hitler invades Russia. He does this because he wants to destroy the heart of the "Jewish-Bolshevik Menace"
  • United States

    United States
    Since Germany and Japan where allies and the United States declared war on Japan due to Pearl Harbor Japan asked Hitler to help them with the war effort against the US. But since Japan provoked war Germany was not obligated but however Hitler didn't shy away from a fight. So on December 11 he declared war on the US