Hitlers Rise to Power

  • Birth to the Devil

    Birth to the Devil
    He was born
  • Moms Death

    Moms Death
    his mom died which drove Hitler crazy
  • WWI

    Hitler joined the army and got the "Iron Cross" for his bravery
  • Beer Hall

    Beer Hall
    he and some of the Nazis tried to take over the Government but epically failed
  • New Chancellor

    New Chancellor
    HItler became chancellor for Germany and later on became dictaor of the country.
  • German Workers Party

    German Workers Party
    He lead the German Workers Party into WWII
  • Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

    Hitler invades Czechoslovakia
    he and his whole entire army invaded what is today Slovakia.
  • Hitler meets Stalin

    Hitler meets Stalin
    Stalin and Hitlers army fought but Hitler and his Nazis were no match to the Soviet Union
  • Suicide Watch

    Suicide Watch
    Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun commited suicide inside their home because they were surrounded by the troops of the Soviet Union.
  • The fall of Berlin

    The fall of Berlin
    Berlin and the rest of the Nazis surrender