Hitler's rise to power

  • The Wall Street Crash

  • Period: to

    Hitler's rise to power

  • Hannover

    Hannover enacted a law banning the Hitlerjugend (the Hitler Youth)
  • september elections

    the Nazis gain 107 votes in the German Reichstag, becoming the country's second-biggest party.
  • First act against anti-semitism

    SA began its first major anti-Jewish action,when groups of brownshirts smashed the windows of Jewish-owned stores at Potsdamer Platz.
  • Four million unemployed

    Four million unemployed in Germany.
  • German Bank crisis

  • July Elections

    the Nazi Party won 37% of the Reichstag seats
    and become the biggest and most powerful party in Germany, however Hindenburg is realected as president.
  • Franz von Papen leaves office

    Franz von Papen leaves office
  • Hitler appointed as Chancellor

    President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor
  • Enabling Act

    the Nazis' "Enabling Act" passes in the Reichstag. This Act was officially called the "Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich" and effectively ended democracy, handing the dictatorship to Hitler.
  • Trade unions banned

    Trade unions banned from Germany
  • Hitler bans all parties except the Nazi party

    JHitler proclaims the Nazi party "the only political party in Germany." All others banned.
  • The Night of the Long Knive

    The Nazi army was starting to become a probem for Hitler. Its soldiers and leader Ernst Röhm saw themselves as part of a socialistic "people's army" genuinely sympathetic to Soviet Russia. This wasn't what Hitler had in mind for Germany.So he sent his the SS to get rid of a dozens of brownshirts, including some of it's leader, such as Röhm.
  • Hindenburg's death

    Hitler announces a new "Führer law" to be voted on by the public in a plebicite. All German army officers and soldiers are made to swear a new oath of allegiance to him personally as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
    Hitler wins the plebicite with over 90% of the vote and officially becomes the Führer of Germany. Hitler proclaims that there "will be no revolution in Germany for the next thousand years.