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Hitler's Journey

By db5766
  • Adolf Hitler's Birth

    Adolf Hitler's Birth
  • His father Died

    His father Died
  • Denied Admission To Art School

    applied to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for the second time (not even admitted to test)
  • Mother Died

    Mother Died
    Hitler's mother (Klara) dies of breast cancer
  • Became Homeless

    Became Homeless
    lives in Vienna at flophouses and hostels for four years
  • Left Austria To Adviod Draft

    leaves Vienna and moves to Munich, Germany
  • World War One Amry

    World War One Amry
    petitioned King Ludwig III of Bavaria for permission to join in a Bavarian regiment (granted)
  • Iron Cross

    awarded the Iron Cross, Second Class
  • Wound Badge

  • Gas Attack

    temporary blindness caused by gas attack
  • Nazi Creation

    Hitler took charge of party propaganda , and also recruited young men he had known in the Army. Hitler's eventual rise to power.
  • Prison

    sentenced to five years in prison (only served nine months) Sent to prison for a failed coup d'etat
  • Mein Kampf

    Hitler wrote a book .
  • The Great Depression Begins

  • Hitler Ran For President

  • Hitler Became Dictator

    Hitler Became Dictator
  • The Holocaust

  • End Of Treaty of Versailles

    declares the end of the Treaty of Versailles
  • World War Two

  • Hitler Commits Sucide

    Hitler Commits Sucide
    Commits suicide by shooting himself and biting into a cyanide capsule