Hitlers Invasion's.

  • Hitler's First Saturday Suprise

    Hitler's First Saturday Suprise
    On saturday March 8, 1935, Hitler gave a speech announcing that he was going to rebuild the armed forces. He said that his actions were defensive but would be able to wipe out any enemy, including those equipped with heavy tanks. Hitler was very much bluffing towards the allies, however the allies just wanted peace, and had no desire to go to war.
  • Hitler's second Saturday suprise

    Hitler's second Saturday suprise
    German troops marched into Rhineland, which is the bufferland between France and Belgium. Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles because he wasnt supposed to have troops in this land. Supprisilly, The Allies didnt do anything about this, instead they let Hitler do what he wanted to avoid going to war.
  • Hitler gains Sudeterland after signing Munich Agreement

    Hitler gained Sudeterland area of Czechoslavia. The area had 3 milion German speaking people and said they wanted to become part of Germany. Mussolini called a meeting and Germany, France and Britian met. Hitler promised he would not take any more territory. This made Czechoslavia upset.
  • Hitler meet with Austrian Prime Minister

    Hitler meet with Austrian Prime Minister
    Hitler had a meeting with von Schuschnigg, the Austrian Prime Minister. Hitler insulted and threatened him for Austria to become a part of Germany. The Prime Minister disagreed with Hitler, so Hitler gave the Prime Minister three days to change his mind. During this time The Prime Minister held a vote for the people to decide on Hitlers offer, However before that time Hitler invaded Austria on March 11. The Allies did nothing to back up Austria.
  • Germany takes remainder of Czechoslavakia

    Germany takes remainder of Czechoslavakia
    Hitler takes all of Czechoslavakia and most world leaders were silent. When he threatened to also take Poland, Britian and France said they would help Poland. Hitler also takes Danzig, a part of Poland, but promised this wold be the last terrirory they would take.
  • War on Poland

    Hitler declared war on Poland. Nazis had taken prisoners and dressed them up as Polish army men and killed them in Gleiwitz, Poland. Hilter then liked and said they had been attacked by Poland.
  • Germany moves in and takes over Poland

    Germany moves in and takes over the people in Poland in the Fall of 1939. Poles has to greet Germans with "Heil Hitler" and serve them first. Educated people were arrested if they were considered a threat. Jews had to move into concentrated areas in the cities. By the end of 1939 all Jews had to wear a yellow star.
  • Germany bombs Poland

    Germany bombs Poland
    Germany began bombing in Piotrkow Poland. They then marched in and searched for Jews. They rounded them up and sent them to camps. Any Jews that tried to escape were shot.
  • Germany takes over Western Europe

    Germany takes over Western Europe by first conguering Denmark and Norway during April. They then take Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. There is a mass deportations of the Jews to concentration camps.
  • Germany invades Russia

    Germany invades Russia
    German troops marched into the Soviet Union and they were followed by four SS troops. These four units were sent to cover territories in the north, Russian front, Southern Uktrain, Caucasus and Crimea. They were told to kill anyone who was an enemy of the state.
  • United States joins war

    United States joins war
    The United States declared war on Japan on the day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The Germans were allies with Japan so Japan asked for their help. One December 11, Hitler declared war on the United States which helped join the Britian, Soviet Union and the US against Germany.