Hitler Timeline

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  • The Nazis Early Years

    The Nazi Party came out of the previous Weimar Party. The Nazi Party had anti-semitic (anti-Jewish) ideas.
  • Hitler Takes Control of Nazis

    Hitler took complete control of the Nazi Party. He ordered the formation of enforcement groups to deal with opponents. Hitler blamed certain groups for "ruining" Germany. He blamed politicians, liberals, socialists, communists, and Jewish bankers.
  • Hitler is Arrested and Nazis Gain Support

    Hitler tried to overthrow the government and got arrested. His trial, however, gave the Nazi Party a lot more publicity. Hitler was released from prison in 1924.
  • Nazis Growing Support.

    By 1928, many people supported the Nazis, such as, farmers, small business owners, and others in the middle class that felt ignored by the previous German government.
  • The Great Depression's Effect on the Nazi Party

    The Great Depression caused more Germans to vote for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Weimar government didn't help effectively with the crisis, which made even more people start to support the Nazis.
  • Seats in the Reichstag

    By this time, the Nazis had gained 230 seats in the Reichstag.
  • Reichstag Fire

    A fire at the Reichstag building in Berlin, which was their congress building. Hitler used this fire to extend his power of Germany. Hitler declared a state of emergency and asked President Hindenburg to invoke article 48. This article was worded very broadly so it allowed the Nazis to define their own legal limits, Hitler put restrictions on the press, banned political marches, and meetings, and intercepted communications.
  • The Enabling Act

    The Nazis introduced the Enabling Act, this act gave Hitler and Nazis more power. They were now able to bypass the constitution, initiate taxes, spending, and determining foreign policy. They could do all of that without Reichstag approval.
  • Chancellor Deal

    President Paul von Hindenburg offered Hitler to be Chancellor of Germany and also offered him to form a government.
  • Presidents

    President Hindenburg died and Hitler took control of the government.
  • Military

    Hitler reintroduced the draft. He then made a four-year plan, which was a schedule to prepare the German military for war.
  • Rhine River

    The Versailles Treaty said that Germany couldn't station any military forces near the Rhine River. But Hitler still ordered troops back into that area, in order to be defiant towards the treaty. France and Britain did nothing about it.
  • New Policies

    Hitler was starting to worry about the economic growth in Germany. He proposed a military solution where Germany was going to expand to Eastern Europe to get their land and raw materials.