Hitler Timeline

Timeline created by alvachairyal
  • Hitler born

    Hitler born in Brunau, Austria. This town is the limit between Germany and Austria
  • Period: to

    The begining

  • Hitler move

    Hitler and his family move to a town named Linz.
  • Hitler Father dead

    Hitler's father died because of his lungs is sick.
  • Period: to

    Hitler's Parents died

  • Hitler's mother died

    Hitler's mother died because of breast cancer
  • Period: to

    Hitler join the war

  • Hitler rejected

    Hitler rejected from his art school.
  • Hitler join the war

    Hitler joins a force and join a war to save the unit of the force.
  • Hitler Get off the force

    Hitler get out from the force he join
  • Hitler rejoin the force

    Hitler rejoin the force that he join before and join a new war.
  • Hitler gets blind

    Before the end of the war, Hitler get hit by a flash bang and get blind.
  • Hitler wake up on a hospital

    Hitler wake up on a hospital and consider that his blind
  • Hitler get out from prison

    Hitler can see again and he was get out from the prison. He went to Munich, Germany. When he was there, there are many communist.
  • Hitler start to be known

    Hitler start his first speech about the communist and jew.
  • Hitler create Nazi

    Hitler were inspired by the communist. hemake he's own flag an create Nazi. This group is getting out jews from Germany.
  • The Nazi fight with the Jew

    The nazi fight with the jews. Hitler was shot by the jew.
  • Hitler get a session

    Hitler get a session. In this session he was lost and get into prison.