Hitler the Rise of Evil Pt.1

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  • Birth of a Leader

    Birth of a Leader
    Adolf Hitler was born in Austria
  • Period: to

    Hitler the Rise of Evil Part 1

  • Vienna, Austria

    Vienna, Austria
    A couple of years after his mother died of breast cancer, Adolf hitler was rejected in an art school. Because of that, he didn't get a job, and start to live in the streets along with homeless men instead of coming back home. This was the first time ever he has a reason to hate a jew. Later, society around him told him reasons of why jews are evil.
  • Vienna Austria

    Vienna Austria
    Hitler continue on living in the streets believing that the jews were to blame, and lived in an orphanage for a while along with hopless and sad people. He met his step-sister for the last time.
  • Germany, Munich

    Germany, Munich
    Hitler departed from Austria
  • The First Words

    The First Words
    After arriving, Hitler listened to a person making a big speech about triumph and war.
  • Belgium

    Hitler joined the army and was ranked private. He was one of the only survivor of a sudden bomb attack. To that, he was promoted to corporal. He then became a runner to send a message, on the way of sending a message, he picked up a dog who later saved him by making Hitler follow him to a safe place where Hitler won't be killed by a bomb attack.
  • The Iron Cross

    The Iron Cross
    Hitler was told to send a message ASAP through a battlefield. He then was rewarded an Iron cross for surviving and honor.
  • Pasewalk Military Hospital

    Pasewalk Military Hospital
    Hitler was saved after getting hurt by gas, as the generals of germany declared that we surrendered. Hearing those words was unacceptable by Hitler, and he went on a rage
  • Munich, German, The return of a Leader

    Munich, German, The return of a Leader
    Captain Ernst Rohm, took back the city after a two week communist rule.
  • The First Speech of a New Leader

    The First Speech of a New Leader
    Hitler made his first speech in a small group about the jews.
  • Speeches and speeches

    Speeches and speeches
    Hitler continue on to make a speech, and soon his fans were larger and he gained a lot of followers
  • Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall

    Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall
    Hitler made his next speech in Hofbrauhaus beer hall who catch the attention of Ernst Hanfstaengl who will support Hitler. Hitler then made a group with a symbol of swastika, and shave his mustache to create a unique originality.
  • The Declaration!!!

    The Declaration!!!
    Hitler became the Furher of the Nationalist Socialist party
  • The message

    The message
    Von khar has sent a message to hitler, to stop making speeches, because it was believed that it has made troubles.
  • The German Revolution

    The German Revolution
    Hitler made a speech in Circus Krone trying to convince people to join the nationalist socialist party. He then invade hofbrauhaus beer hall and gain more followers and populartiy. "The German Revolution has Begun" - Adolf Hitler
  • The attack

    The attack
    The Nazi party was then attacked in 4am, and was stopped by Kahr. As a psycho he is, he almost attempted suicide because of failure. He then was arrested.
  • The trial

    The trial
    After released from prison Hitler perform brilliant speeches that impressed the judge and the crowd. Though he was guilty of high treason and was imprisoned for 5 years.