Hitler Rises to Power

  • Temporary Problem

    An attack caused Hitler to become temporarly blind, devastating news to him.
  • Emgerging Decmocracy

    A fragile democracy emerged, secretly allowing armies to flourish.
  • Revolution

    Hitler fired a shot into the ceiling and declared that a revolution had begun against the Berlin government.
  • Hitler Arrested

    Hitler went on trial and admitted to being guilty. Hitler got five years in jail with minimum security. He wrote his first book called "Mein Kamph."
  • Release

    Hitler was released from jail.
  • Hitler Not Accepted in Arts

    Hitler failed art school many times as a young man.
  • Final Solution

  • Hitler Becomes Chancelor

    Hitler became Chancelor of Germany. Gained more than 37% of the vote.
  • Trouble with Nazi Party

    Nazi party starts to dismantle and start to rebel. Storm troopers wanted to take over. (impatient)
  • Chancellor

    Hitler took over Germany as Chancellor
  • The Book Burnings

    Books were thrown in bon fires and burned because they did not support Hitler.
  • Enabling Act

    This Act gave Hitler complete power. The power was given, not take or forced.
  • Democracy Does Not Work

    Hitler becomes dictator.
  • Visiting Van Hindenburg

    Hitler visists Van Hindenburg while he is ill.
  • Hitler Imprisons Storm Troopers

    Storm troops' homes were raided and the storm troopers were killed.
  • Van Hindenburg is Gone

    Van Hindenburg died.