Hitler: Rise Of Evil

Timeline created by gianinaboentaran
  • Hitler was born and he had an unpleasent childhood as his dad abused him.

  • Hitler wasn't accepted in an art school by a jewish teacher. It caused him to have no job and he had to sleep in the streets. He drew paintings but since the jews run the gallery, they won't buy his paintings.

    Vienna, Austria.
  • Germany declares war on Russia

    Munich, Germany.
  • Hitler joins the war and he became a corporal.

  • He was gassed and his eye was injured.

  • When his eye was getting treated because of the accident, he heard that the war is over because they have surrender.

    Pasewalk Military Hospital
  • He was assigned to go to the German Worker Party to listen to what they were talking about.

    Army Barracks
    Munich, Germany
  • He started speaking in the German Worker Party

  • Period: to

    Hitler became more popular and people starts listening to him. He started to influence people to hate jews.

  • German economy rebuilding

  • Hitler becomes the leader of the party

  • Hitler made the leaders such as Comissar Von Kahr to support him as he attempts but then failed the German revolution as he unsuccessfully tried to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

  • Hitler was arrested and went to jail because of the march he made and some people betraying him.

  • Hitler was plead guilty and got 5 years in jail sentence, but he then only served 9 months in jail before he was released