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  • National Socialist Worker’s Party

    National Socialist Worker’s Party
    The Nazi party had many common beliefs. They believed that Jewish people were terrible. They also believed that the Ayran race was superior to the rest. They also strongly relied upon on the press for their information.
  • Hitler takes over the Nazi Party

    Hitler came into power in 1930. He slowly climbed up to the top until he became a dictator and lead the Nazi party.
  • Hitler is arrested

    Hitler was arrested and the Nazi groups started gaining support with other groups similar to themselves.
  • The Great Depression

    America, the country with the leading economy, fell into a Great Depression in 1929. This affected trade and many other factors with international companies and slowed everyone's economy.
  • Concentration Camps Open

    Concentration Camps Open
    Hitler authorized the construction of concentration camps. These camps were conceived as secure holding facilities for political prisoners who disagreed with Nazi policies and ideas.
  • The Chancellors Deal

    Hitler wanted no one else but himself in the Chancellor position. He made a deal with Franz Von Papen with the agreement that Hitler is the Chancellor.
  • The Reichstag Fire

    The Reichstag Fire
    A fire occurred in the government building also known as the Reichstag. This was Hitler's chance for complete power.
  • The Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act stated that Hitler could govern without approval from the Reichstag. This gave Hitler a dangerous amount of power.
  • Dealing with Protestors and Presidents

    Hitler gained the support of the German Army by killing off several leaders of the uncontrollable SA (stormtroopers), his former Nazi enforcers.
  • Death of President Hindenburg

    Then, on August 2nd, 1934, President Hindenburg died and Hitler assumed control of the government.
  • Rearmament

    Hitler introduced the draft. He then brought up his four-year plan which was a plan for the military to go into war.
  • Anschluss-Austrian Takeover

    Hitler told the Austrian chancellor to relinquish power to the Austrian Nazis or face invasion. The chancellor sought help from Britain and France but he was refused, so he resigned. German forces crossed the border the next day and Hitler joined Austria and Germany under one government.
  • Czechoslovakia and the Munich Agreement

    Hitler and a bunch of other country leaders made an agreement to let the Nazi's take over if they didn't go any further into Czechoslovakia. They publically talked about the agreement. But, contrary to the public statement, German troops rolled into the Sudetenland two days later.