Hitler cartoon 6

Adolf Hitler

  • Birth

    Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau Am Inn, Austria, the 20 of April 1889. His father was Alois Hitler and his mom was Klara Pölzl, who were cousins.
  • Enlistment in the army

    Enlistment in the army
    One week after the start of the World War I, Adolf enlisted in the army in a voluntary way because he wanted to change his life.
  • Political career beginnings

    Political career beginnings
    The 12 of September, Hitler went to a DAP's meeting for first time and at the end of it he argued with a Bavarian separatist who had faced the speaker. Since then, he was a member of the party at the invitation of Anton Draxler. Then he renamed the party to NSDAP.
  • First speech

    First speech
    The 12 of October of 1919, Hitler pronounced a public speech in the Hofbräukeller to 111 people. After that, his figure started to take more and more prominence, gettinh himself involved in all the party's activities and showing a new ideology. He gained influence by blaming the Jews and Marxists for losing the war and the economic crisis.
  • Hitler in Jail and his book

    Hitler in Jail and his book
    In 1923, Hitler tried a putsch, knowed as the Ludendorff Putsch, he was sentenced to five years but he was only nine months in jail, wher he wrote his book, titled "My Fight", where he reflected his political ideas.
  • Rise to the power

    Rise to the power
    The 30 of January of 1933, Von Hindenburg, the previous president, appoints Hitler as new goverment's head/chancellor.
  • Establishment of the dictatorship

    Establishment of the dictatorship
    The 23 of March of 1933, Adolf gets the Enabling law wich ends with the parliamentary government, so he become a constitutional dictator.
  • Germany in the Spanish Civil War

    Germany in the Spanish Civil War
    Hitler used Spain as testing ground for his new planes with the excuse of helping Francisco Franco with his putsch against the republic
  • Start of WW2

    Start of WW2
    The 1 of Septembre of 1939, the Nazi germany invaded Poland and France and Great Britain declared war to Germany.
  • Period: to

    Germany in the WW2

    The United States, Great Britain and the USSR, allied each other against Germany. The USSR gained territorty by the East and the Normandy's landing by the West, forced Germany to retreat and lots of soldiers. Finally, with the USSR almost stepping on Berlin, Hitler gives up and gets suicided
  • Attack against Hitler

    Attack against Hitler
    The 20 of July of 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg placed a bomb in Hitler's headquarter but didn't succeed, even Hitler had some sequels like problems with his left hand and mental reasoning.
  • Marriage before suicide

    Marriage before suicide
    The 29 of April of 1945 in the early morning, Hitler married Eva Braun in the map room of the Chancellery bunker.
  • Death

    The 30 of April 1945, Hitler committed suicide with a Walther PPK of 7,65 mm with a shot in the temple. He did it with his wife, Eva Braun