• Period: to

    Hitler earlir life

  • Hitler born

    Hitler was born in Austria
  • Brother deaths

    Brother dies (1900, February 2)
  • Father deaths

    Hitler father died.
  • Mom deaths

    Hitler mom died.
  • School ends

    Hitler uses a lung ailment as an excuse to take time off from school and eventually drops out altogether
  • Art academy

    Hitler got denied to the Art Academy
  • The talk with Karl leuger

    Hitler talked to Karl Leuger, which he talk about hating the jews.
  • Scrapes

    Hitler runs out of money and moves into a homeless shelter in Vienna. There He becomes friends with Reinhold Hanish, who suggests the two can make money by selling Hitler's paintings.
  • Great Britain

    Hitler visits his half brother, Alois Jr, who is living in Liverpool. Hitler is fascinated by Britain's industrial strengh and wants to keep living there, at one point renting an appartment of his own. But with only a few words of English, Hitler fails to get a job and is forced to return to Vienna.
  • Hitler left

    left Austria to avoid draft.
  • World War 1

    World war 1 started
  • Period: to

    Hitler life

  • Chancellor

    Becomes Chancellor of the Nazi Party
  • Violates

    Violates the Treaty of Versailles by building a massive military force
  • Axis

    An Axis is declared between Germany and Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria join later
  • Nazi Party

    Orders the Nazi Party to begin carrying out the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" or The Holocaust
  • More enemies

    Orders the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declare war on Germany
  • United State

    Declares war against the United States
  • Soviet Union

    Breaks the non-aggression pact with Stalin and invades the Soviet Union
  • Mad

    Becomes increasingly erratic after being defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad
  • Celebrate

    Celebrates his 56th birthday in a bunker below the Reich Chancellery
  • Suicide

    Commits suicide by shooting himself and biting into a cyanide capsule