• Period: to

    Adolf Hitler

  • birth

    Born 1889 Austria
    One of 6 children 3 died
  • education

    sent hitler to Realschule in Linz a technical high school
  • father death

    Father (Alois) customs official he died when Hitler was 14
  • mother death

    Mother(klara) a over bearing mother died of breast cance
  • denied admission top art school

    - Move to Vienna - Become homeless &broke
  • hitler STD

    hitler got a STD from a jewish
  • start to hate Jews

    listened to the Karl leuger and become German nationals
  • left Austria

    left Austria to avoid joinin the milatry
  • WWI

    WWI started Hitler join army
    receiving the Iron Cross, Second Class
  • temporarily blind

    Hitler was temporarily blinded by a mustard gas attack and was hospitalised in Pasewalk
  • jews

    started to beleive that jew cause all the problem in germany
  • WW1

    German lost WW2
  • German worker's party

    when to talk to the german German worker's party and the they ask him to join and he did.
  • prison

    hitler was place in prison
  • nazis

    german work party become nazi