History Work, Key events between the world wars

  • 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia

    Communist Revolution in Russia and its empire creates several new Countries that are known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Under the leadership of vladimir lenin.
  • Australia First Radio Broadcast

  • Period: to

    English Politics

    In the Uk Stanley Baldwin and Ramsay Mcdonald swap the Prime Ministership Several Times
  • Presentation of the First Television Broadcast

    James Logie Baird presents the first television broadcast
  • End of the silent movie era

    The Jazz Singer Begins the era of 'taking pictures' and the end of silent movies.
  • Conniston Massacre

    Over 60 Aboriginals died in a massacre
  • Japan invades China

    Pinar Lap wins the melbourne cup
  • Last Tasmanian Tiger Dies In Custody In hobart

  • Black Friday Bushfires in victoria kill 49 people

  • first all australian car is produced

  • First Australian Television Broadcasts begin

  • Cyclone Sandy Destroys Darwin

  • Colour Tv in aus

  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

  • 81 Austalians killed in the Bali bombings

  • Black Saturday Fires kill 173 people, highest ever in aus