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  • Racial Groups Regularized

    Racial Groups Regularized
    The Sistema de Castas separated racial groups due to the "purity of their blood." This method of classification was made regular in the early 1600s. The first class was the "Peninsulares," who were Iberian-born Spaniards that occupied the highest levels of administration.New World-born Spaniards, or "Criollos", occupied the next class and rivaled the "Peninsulares" for wealth and opportunity. The final class was the "Mestizos," who were of mixed Spanish and Indian heritage.
  • Port Royal Established

    Port Royal Established
    Traders established Port Royal in Nova Scotia in 1603. This kick-started trading expeditions that stretched down the Atlantic coast.
  • Virginia Company Established

    Virginia Company Established
    In 1606, the Virginia Company Was established. It drew hope from Cortes and the Spanish conquests in finding gold. The company had the goal to identify a navigable river with a deep harbor. Ideally, this river was away from the Spanish.
  • Virginia Found by Englishmen

    Virginia Found by Englishmen
    In April of 1607, Englishmen aboard three ships--the Godspeed, the Discovery, and the Susan Constant--set sail on a journey forty miles up the James River. There, they settled, naming the peninsula Virginia (named for Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen).
  • Quebec Founded

    Quebec Founded
    In 1608, Quebec was founded under the leadership of Samuel de Champlain. This allowed for less complicated trade of goods--particularly fur.
  • Santa Fe Established

    Santa Fe Established
    Being the first permanent European settlement in the Southwest, Santa Fe was was established in 1610.
  • Tobacco First Shipped From Virginia

    Tobacco First Shipped From Virginia
    In 1614, the colony sent its first cargo of tobacco back to England. It gained a high price in England and began the growth in wealthy of Virginia. Tobacco changed everything in the New World and beyond. It brought Virginia back from ruin, incentivized colonization, and fostered the birth of the United States.
  • Period: to

    Thirty Year's War

    The Thirty Years' War was a war fought in Europe between 1618 and 1648. As one of the most destructive conflicts in human history, it resulted in eight million fatalities from military engagements and from violence, famine, and plague.
  • The First Slaves Are Brought to the Americas

    The First Slaves Are Brought to the Americas
    In 1619, the first slaves were brought to the Americas by the Dutch. These slaves were taken from a Spanish ship to Port Comfort.
  • Plymouth Colony Established by the Pilgrims

    Plymouth Colony Established by the Pilgrims
    102 English passengers boarded the Mayflower to embark on a journey to the New World. They were known as the Pilgrims. The "Mayflower Contract" was signed by 41 male passengers and they all set off on their journey to today's Massachusetts.
  • Dutch West India Company Chartered

    Dutch West India Company Chartered
    The Netherlands created the Dutch West India Company in 1621. Through this, they established colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. Manhattan provided a "launching pad" for the trading of goods.
  • Manhattan Bought by Peter Minuit

    Manhattan Bought by Peter Minuit
    In 1626, Manhattan was bought by Peter Minuit from the Munsee Indians. Colony leaders at the time insisted on the purchasing of this land. However, it is suspected that the Dutch paid the wrong Indians, or the process was misunderstood.
  • Spanish Mission Extended to the Apalachee District

    Spanish Mission Extended to the Apalachee District
    In the 1630s, the Spanish mission to colonize in the New World extended to the Apalachee district in the Florida panhandle. This was an ideal area because of the abundance of corn and other crops.
  • Charles II Crowned King of England

    Charles II Crowned King of England
    Charles II was crowned the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1661. He was king of Scotland from 1649 until 1651. His royalty endured from the 1660 Restoration of the monarchy until his death.
  • New Amsterdam Renamed to New York

    New Amsterdam Renamed to New York
    In 1664, the English seized New Amsterdam from the Dutch and renamed it New York. Both the city and colony that once were under the control of the Dutch became English.
  • Period: to

    King Philip's War

    King Philip's War was a weaponized conflict from 1675 to 1678 between Indian inhabitants of New England and New England colonists with their Indian allies. The war is named for Metacom, the Wampanoag chief, who adopted the name "Philip" because of the relations between his father and the Mayflower Pilgrims.
  • Pennsylvania Established

    Pennsylvania Established
    Pennsylvania was established by William Penn in 1681 as a "safe haven" for whites to enjoy freedom of religion.