history - stolen generation

  • Settlement

    James Cook claims possession of the whole east coast of Australia. Cook raises the British flag at Possession Island.
  • APA

    The Aborigines Protection Act (Vic) established. Meaning the Governor can order the removal of any child from their family to a reformatory or industrial school.
  • Becomes a Federation

    Australia becomes a Federation. The Constitution states that Aboriginal People will not be counted in the census, and that the Commonwealth has the power to make laws relating to any race of people In Australia with the exception of Aborigines.
  • Full custody

    The Aborigines Protection Act (NSW) gives the Aborigines Protection Board power to assume full control and custody of the child of any Aborigine if a court found the child to be neglected
  • Chief Protector

    Chief Protector
    The Aborigines Act (SA) makes the Chief Protector the legal guardian of every Aboriginal and `half-caste' child with additional wide-ranging powers to remove Indigenous people to and from reserves
  • Separating the children

    The Aborigines Protection Amending Act (NSW) gives power to the Aboriginal Protection Board to separate Indigenous children from their families without having to establish in court that they were neglected.
  • Native Welfare

    The first Commonwealth/State conference on 'native welfare' adopts assimilation as the national policy
  • Day of Mourning

    Day of Mourning
    Australian Aborigines Conference held in Sydney. Meeting on January 26, the 150th Anniversary of NSW, Aborigines mark the 'Day of Mourning'.
  • 1940

    The NSW Aborigines Protection Board loses its power to remove Indigenous children. The Board is renamed the Aborigines Welfare Board and is finally abolished in 1969.
  • Repealing the legislation

    All states had repealed the legislation allowing for the removal of Aboriginal children under the policy of ‘protection’
  • Parliament Protest

    The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is pitched outside Parliament House in Canberra to demonstrate for Land Rights.
  • Racial Discrimination Act

    The Commonwealth Government passes the Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • Memorial

    The Commonwealth Government establishes a memorial to the Stolen Generations at Reconciliation Place in Canberra.
  • Apology

    Kevin Rudd apologies to the Stolen generation