History Project in the 1970's

  • Local History - Fergus

    There were only 5000 people living in fergus at the time.
  • Labour/Unions

    The rise of unions in canada were growing especially for the population of writers.
  • LGBT

    The LGBT issue rtose to many front poages at the newspapers and the movment started.
  • Goverment

    The federal government announces plans to convert the nation to the metric system.
  • Goverment

    The federal voting age is lowered from 21 to 18.
  • Technology

    The blackbox playback is a mechanism to record flight info and it was established in ottawa airport in canada
  • Economy

    foreign investment review agency is brought up to incerease income from foriegn occupancys.
  • War/Military

    Canadian only democratically entered the vietnam war and chose not to envolve them selves in the war.
  • Sports History

    Sports History
    Montreal played host to the olympic games in the summer of 1976 this was thre first ever hosting in canada for the games.