History of Vehicle Safety

By evanl
  • safety glass

    safety glass
    First car made standard with safety glass windows was the Cadillac.
  • windshield wiper

    windshield wiper
    first electric powered windshield wipers were produced so the wiper speed stayed the same regardless of engine speed.
  • brakes

    chrysler introduces 4-wheel disc brakes.
  • first seat belt

    first seat belt
    Nash-Kelvinator is the first to introduce the seat belt.
  • padded dashboard

    padded dashboard
    several manufactuers put out vehicles with padded dashes to protect its occupants.
  • door latches

    door latches
    improved door latches make it more difficult for door to open when in a collision. this feature was made standard on almost all cars.
  • optional seat belts

    optional seat belts
    GM, Ford, and Chrysler offer seat belts as optional safety equipment.
  • first seat belt law

    first seat belt law
    New York is the first state to enact a law that requires working front seat safety belts
  • standard seat belts

    standard seat belts
    the top four U.S. auto manufacturers add front seat safety belts as standard equipment
  • steering column

    steering column
    energy absorbing steering column introduced by GM
  • first airbag

    first airbag
    GM produces the first airbag
  • airbag as standard equipment

    airbag as standard equipment
    chrysler is the first auto company to make airbags standard equipment on all of their vehicles
  • side impact

    side impact
    vovlo introduces side impact protection system
  • side airbag

    side airbag
    volvo introduces side impact airbags
  • seat belt law

    seat belt law
    all states but one have seat belt use laws
  • automatic braking

    automatic braking
    volvo offers brake system that automatically applies brakes if driver fails to react (only at speeds 18mph or lower)