History of Timothisia

By Yugalf
  • 7500 BCE

    Recorded history begins

    First writings dated back to the Kingdom of Beasts begin here
  • 4500 BCE

    Discovery of the Essence of Creation

    Elven mages discover the Essence of Creation- a leftover from the magical formation of this world. solidified and crystalised into an orb of pure power. With this orb in hand, the elves discover incredible magical mastery, create a beautiful island sanctuary for their home, and forge an immense, intercontinental empire.
  • 3531 BCE

    Rise of the Shardbearers

    Rise of the Shardbearers
    Prosperity of the elven kingdom ends with a catastrophic conflict- known as the Rise of the Shardbearers. The essence of creation is shattered into many pieces, the shards of which are claimed by "Shardbearers", granting them incredible, godlike power. The elven people are divided for the first time into many different races, who all go their own way- led by a Shardbearer
  • 3000 BCE

    Founding of Shiasa

  • 800 BCE

    Fall of the Nightmare Queen

    Debated event
    Stories of the Timothisian Church tell of 8 heroes who banded together to destroy the tyranical Nightmare Court which dominated the world. Upon their victory, these heroes would ascend to godhood, becoming the 8 gods of the Timothisian Church Amongst Scholars and outside the church there is doubt how much, if any of this story is true
  • 200 BCE

    Founding of Rochambeau

    Founding of Rochambeau
    Rochambeau is founded by the local tribes after battling Valkenherst settlers. The city is named for the chieftan that drove off the Valkenherst, Darius Rochambeau.
  • 1 CE

    Founding of the Church of Timothisia

    The warring human faiths of Illmater, Tempus, Lathander, Shar, Gond, Chantea, Kelemvor and Waukeen set aside their differences and form a united church for the continent.
  • Period: 1 CE to 599

    Modern History

  • Period: 80 to 150

    Great Demonic Invasion

    Demonic forces force their way through the veil and wage war against Timothisia. Many cities are destroyed and the church is corrupted from within. The Paladin order is formed. The gods themselves annoit a champion- the first of the House of Bryant- to unite the divided human lands and throw back the demonic invasion The demon lord is slain and his generals scattered. The gods seal the material world away, to prevent any further demonic, undead or divine interference in the world ever again.
  • 145

    Birth of Hankle

    Birth of Hankle
    A beautiful Tort boi is born
  • 152

    Crowning of first king of TImothisia

    Gandred Bryant, lord of Alba, was chosen by the gods themselves to fight back the demonic invasion. He was a peerless warrior and a cunning diplomat. With the invasion over, the house leaders of Rochambeau, Rohr and Myththorn as well as the Timothisian Church unanimously agreed to crown Gandred as the first king of a united Timothisia.
  • 155

    First Tieflings born

    First Tieflings born
    Tieflings begin to appear within the world- descendents of invaders from the demonic war and those of the material world. They would go on to be persecuted and feared by the occupents of a world still healing from the demonic incursion.
  • 350

    Discovery of the Great Tort

    Discovery of the Great Tort
    The Great Tort is discovered in the Deadlands by an unnamed Tortle tribe. With the blessings of The Great Tort, this tribe grows in power and influence, becoming the dominant force within the Deadlands.
  • 480

    Great Tort's Rampage

    Without warning or reason, The Great Tort goes on a rampage. The Tortle Tribe is destroyed overnight in the carnage. Hankle is the only known survivor
  • 569

    Birth of Zerali

  • 576

    Birth of Timmals

    Timmals is born to Lord Tauroneo Rochambeau and Lady Fiona Rochambeau
  • 598

    Timmals Exile

    Timmals is exiled by his father, Lord Tauroneo Rochambeau. Timmals is forced to learn thievary and roguery just to survive. He intends to prove his worth to his father so he can reclaim what is rightfully his
  • Oct 15, 600

    The Bleakstone attack

    The Bleakstone attack
    Forces from the Deadlands surge forth and uttery crush the fortress city of Bleakstone. Refugees led by Headsman Jerrod flee the city.
  • Period: Oct 15, 600 to Jan 15, 601

    Current day

    Events starting with the Razing of Bleakstone
  • Oct 22, 600

    Session 1: Bleakstone Burns

    Headsman Jerrod requests help, fearing a lack of supplies will kill the refugees. Hankle of the Tortle Tribe, Maru of neko-ka na mitsurin, Zerali of the chuch of Illmater and Timmals III of Rochambeau answer the call. After searching the wilderness, they stumble across a fort overrun by goblins. A cunning plan clears the camp and a new home is found- Bombingham
  • Oct 25, 600

    MINISESH- The Boartha Begins

    MINISESH- The Boartha Begins
    Heading into the swamps south of Bombingam, Zerali, Maru and Timmals searched for Simple Farmer Timmal's missing boar, Boartha. Fighting through animals and a displaced ogre, they discovered Boartha- and her new mate- and led her safely back home
  • Oct 27, 600

    Session 2: The Valkenherst's Challenge

    Session 2: The Valkenherst's Challenge
    The new settlement of Bombingham recieves summons from Elden Heim- The largest Valkenherst settlement on Timothisia. They are challenged by the champion Stigandir to trials of strength, speed and constitution. The party succeeded, earning the respect of the Valkenherst and their leader, Warlord Branson. Stigandir would join the heroes in Bombingham as pennance to reclaim his honour. On their return to Bombingham, the heroes found the royal army awaiting them- King Bryant at their head.
  • Oct 31, 600

    Session 2.5: Demon Lord Horkos

    Session 2.5: Demon Lord Horkos
    Zerali joined Wrerrick- Leader of the Paladin order- into an abandoned crypt, investigating a missing child. This child turned out to be Wrerrick's own daughter, in a trap laid for him by a Demon Lord, Horkos. Wrerrick was to be the demon's new vessel. The dark ritual was averted, but Wrerrick and his daughter were slain, with the demon turning its attention instead to Zerali. Zerali narrowly avoided becoming Horkos's vessel, but the demon still lives, merely banished from the material.
  • Nov 5, 600

    Session 3: Return to Bleakstone

    Session 3: Return to Bleakstone
    The Heroes of Bombingham were charged by King Bryant to return to Bleakstone and find out just what had happened there. After clearing through the remaining Darklanders, the party again battled the mysterious violinist. The violinist was killed- revealing themself to be King Roderick Bryant. However, the body of King Bryant was also discovered back at the royal camp. The house leaders blamed each other for the regicide, and the continent plunged into civil war.
  • Nov 12, 600

    Session 4: Enter the Raiders

    Members from the Rohr Raiders, a gang operating out of the twin cities of Rohr, attacked the Heroes of Bombingham. Though they were repelled, they had escaped with their target- Headsman Jerrod. The party raced off to find them
  • Nov 16, 600

    MINI SESH- Broken Mountain

    While on the search for the trail of the Rohr Raiders, Timmals and Maru found an ancient crypt, filled with dead lizardfolk. Within was a crown of unknown power. On its destruction, the mountain itself crumbled and broke apart
  • Nov 17, 600

    session 4: Enter the Raiders

    The raiders were chased to their hideout- a cave that also doubled as an entrance to the Underdark. On fighting their way through the cave, Zerali was lost to the depths against a swarm of Kui-Tan, and the remaining heroes were plunged into the underdark itself
  • Nov 17, 600

    The Bandit Queen

    The Bandit Queen
    Seeking opportunity in the wake of a civil war, the newly crowned Bandit Queen seeks to make her play. The world will never be the same
  • Dec 24, 600

    Session 5: Slumming the Underdark

    The heroes awaken in the Underdark, and move to find each other. They discover a Kui-Tan ritual, where the still living Zerali is to be sacrificed to a Kraken. Zerali and a dwarf, Bray (bob?) are freed, and the party escapes. They are picked up by a patrol from Dotha's underdark expedition, dedicated to mapping the underdark. The expedition is made up of dwarves and gnomes- and an old nemesis.
  • Dec 25, 600

    Session 6: Gnugg's a Thugg

    The party investigated Dotha's expedition, and the mysterious dwarf, "Dain Honorfoot". They discovered "Dain" was their old nemesis Gnugg, using an enchantment to fool the dwarves. With this knowledge, they planned how they may end gnugg, and free the expedition.
  • Dec 26, 600

    Session 7: Rolling in the Deep (Saeshalas)

    Gnugg made his move, attempting to murder the party and use the expedition as his private horde. The party was forced to ally with the local Kui-Tan tribe and their self proclaimed god, Saeshalas, in order to stop him. Gnugg was foiled, and the expedition freed, however Gnugg himself slinked away to scheme another day
  • Jan 3, 601

    Party leaves Underdark

  • Jan 5, 601

    Mini sesh: Maws and cultists and bears, oh my!

    Mini sesh: Maws and cultists and bears, oh my!
    Zerali and Timmals scout ahead for supplies and for danger. They discover a burning town, hiding a demonic secret. The demonic maw is destroyed, and the immediate cult cut down- but its influence may have already taken root.
  • Jan 11, 601

    Session 8: Rohr for more

    Session 8: Rohr for more
    The Party arrives in Rohr with the remnants of the expedition, and new friends in Barty and his family. Jerrod is freed from the horrific crime lord Krew on the promise of sausages, and plans to heist Pillyweek are made
  • Jan 12, 601

    Session 9: Hunting the Rohr Beastie

    In order to raise funds, the party goes on the hunt for the Beast of Rohr
  • Jan 12, 601

    Session 10: Pillyweeks Party

    Session 10: Pillyweeks Party
    The Heroes infiltrate Pillyweeks party for intelligence. They meet many people and discover much. During the party, Pillyweek brings out a captive Captain Drummond- Timmal's uncle- and executes him.